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LINK Biden's Win Was MUCH Tighter Than Originally Thought - YouTube

A reality check about the recent US elections and how close it was.

I like the fact that he says something I've said often: Biden won, just, because of the impact of COVID. Otherwise Trump would have won. What a terrible reflection on Americans, sorry to say.

Kyle is also right about the need to embrace serious progressive policies.

I like this guy a lot.

David1955 8 Feb 14

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I have no doubt whatsoever, and didn't before the election, that if it weren't for Covid and it's effect on the real economy, not the stock market, that Trump would have won. We won't be so lucky in four years.


Electorally it was the same numbers Trump won by in 2016. The plurality in the swing states was close, but not as close as Trump squeaked by in 2016. In the Popular Vote, Biden got the highest percentage against an incumbent since 1932. Trump is the only president who lost the popular vote twice.

I don't doubt that that is true. But if you dig into the numbers like Kyle has, it's a reality check. Also truth is, despite all the lies, criminality, corruption, traitorous behaviour (I would contend) and huge deaths due to incompetence, oh and treating refugees like animals, more people voted for him. Without the negative pull of COVID, he would have won in a landslide. The heart of America is a worrying place.

@David1955 I think you are right covid helped biden

@whiskywoman The way Trump handled Covid cost him the election. If he had done the right thing, he'd have been re-elected. If he'd have done the right thing he wouldn't be Donald Trump.


That is so true. If he had done the right thing, he wouldn't be Trump.


If not for COVID, Trump would still be in office. But liberals somehow think they've defeated Trumpism. It's close, and if they continue to not deliver on their promises and ignore the needs of the people during this crisis, Trumpism will come roaring back.

1000% agreement.

They're the ONLY ones doing anything.

Appealing to elitism, cultural snobbery and other culture war stuff is not an effective message to working class people and it will result in net losses in two years and a prez election loss in four years.


Under Trump, I got $1,800. Under Biden, I've received nothing although I was told that I'd get $2,000 immediately.

They won the trial without so much admitting that Biden is the President, or that the Big Lie was a lie, and will destroy Biden's agenda. This level of party lunacy is beyond me.


What have they done?

Some of you don't seem to know how government works. You think trump reached in his pocket and tossed money your way???

@Zoltans_Queen From actually procuring vaccine to getting it into circulation to rescinding trump's damaging EOs, Biden has already done more for people than the other guy did in 4 years. And I'm assuming I don't have to give a history lesson here and recount how the dastardly liberals gave everything from a 40 hour work week to workplace safety rules to laws to provide breathable air and drinkable water., do I?

And i agree that the election was closer than it should have been. I'm all for getting rid of the EC, which has done an amazing amount of damage to the country the last 25 years.


I'm aware that Biden has reversed some of the damage caused by Trump. It's been very underwhelming though. I'm still waiting on my promised $2,000 stimulus. I'd agree that he has done more for people than Trump did, but Trump didn't do anything for people, so that's an extremely low bar.

No, you don't need to provide a history lesson because it is irrelevant. What liberals did decades ago ha nothing to do with what the Biden administration and democrats in Congress are doing currently.


Of course Trump didn't provide anything from his own pocket. He put money into his pocket. It is a fact, however, that we received $1,800 in stimulus from the government while Trump was in office and nothing yet from Biden. He and many other dems guaranteed us that the $2,000 checks would go out the door immediately if Warnock and Ossiff win their senate seats. They did, where is that money?

I agree with on the electoral college though.

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