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LINK Letters From An American 03/06/2021

Today, after almost 24 hours of debate, the Senate passed the American Rescue Plan, designed to help America rebuild after the scorched-earth devastation of the coronavirus pandemic.

The vote was 50 to 49, with all the Democrats voting yes and all the Republicans voting no. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) had to leave the vote to attend his father-in-law’s funeral (and, frankly, while I try not to editorialize here, more power to him for choosing his family at this moment), but would have voted no. That would have made Vice President Kamala Harris cast the deciding vote, but the bill was going to pass.

It is hard to overestimate the importance of this measure both for the present moment and as a sign of the direction in which the Democrats in charge of the United States hope to take the nation.

The relief measure is designed to address the dislocations of a pandemic that has, so far, taken more than a half a million American lives and thrown more than 10 million of us out of work.

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HippieChick58 9 Mar 6

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Sadly trump voters will not change their beliefs but they will cash those checks (I know most are direct deposit, they won't send the money back that's for sure), take the child credits and if they qualify, use the weekly unemployment benefit.
The people I worry the most about are the tip dependent employees. Many/most made below the minimum wage and did not qualify in the first place because they did not meet minimum earnings requirements, it all depends how each state handles unemployment compensation.

Certainly they will cash those checks. We all will. My boss says it is all just wasted money and I tell him when the checks come we sell more auto parts. People do not see we are a nation of goods and services. If nobody buys things and we sell nothing, we go under. Money has to change hands to keep things going. With so many out of work what else do you do? 1929 is not an option.

@DenoPenno I was being facetious. Of course they will take the cash and spend it. It's not like their'll be burning their Nikes.
Most studies show that by helping the poor and middle class ease the stress due to their financially precarious situation they actually make better decisions and improve their condition in positive ways. The side benefit is to the economy.


How many people who voted for Donald Trump are going to benefit from the passage of this bill? I think millions. Will they admit it was Democrats who bailed then out and Republican who left then hanging out to dry?

Nope. They sure won't.

@KKGator There’s no use talking to the braindead. You’ll do better yelling at a wall.

@CuddyCruiser Personally, it's why I have a brick I can pull outta my pocket to hit my head with. 🙂
Those trump voters will check to make sure Biden's name is not on the check ( 🙂 ) but you can be sure they will not send the check back.

@silverotter11 brick resets do work, and I agree with the rest of it. 😁

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