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Quran or Bible?? What book is worse?

I am curious what everyone thinks

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GodlessFist 4 Mar 7

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I've not read the Quran so I can't make a definitive choice, but from my understanding both are a detriment to society.

Tejas Level 7 Mar 21, 2021

This appears like a not-so-subtle attempt to ask which religion is worse, Christianity or Islam. As a nullifidian I despise all religions, but rank them based on the amount of violence, oppression and discrimination committed by adherents in the name of their self-identified religions.


actually both are surprisingly similar some of the same stories and legends


Both equally ridiculous!


I've read both, and they both suck. I would rate the quran as worse, though, because it's just so unrelenting in its suckiness. The bible at least has some variety, some moment when it doesn't suck.

And porn........


The texts are equally evil, the Quran however is taken more seriously by more of its adherents and therefore is more dangerous to society as a whole.

I would challenge that. Wasn’t there a story posted here earlier this week about a man burning down his house with his family in it because they wouldn’t follow the Bible?


Define worse.

Worse=not as good

@Alienbeing i meant worse in what sense. Readability? Weight of the book? Font size? Plot? Ending? How difficult it is to burn?

What criteria am i judging them by?

@Kbdank71 Obviously any judgement from anyone would be subjective. As such, use any criteria you feel appropriate.


Apple's and orange's... peanuts and bees....
Lyon and Grizzlies. Someone is going to suffer.


Frankly, my dear,, who gives a damn?


. . . false dichotomy 😛


It would be a bias for me to vote. I have knowledge of the biblical text and it is a work of genius not understood by most people. More often misused because of the misunderstanding people have of it.

As to Quran, I opened one once and looked at a few lines of text. I couldn't give an honest evaluation of it.

Word Level 8 Mar 7, 2021

The Quran is a marginally better read and it has half as many pages so you can get through it faster.

Yes but does that make it better or worse ? LOL


They both suck.

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