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LINK Christian Boss-from-Hell Dave Ramsey Thinks Mask Mandates Are Discriminatory | Beth Stoneburner | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

We already know that evangelical financial “guru” Dave Ramsey — already a well-documented Boss From Hell — scoffs at COVID precautions, even for his own employees. He planned a no-mask holiday party in December despite the ever-present threat of the virus.

And now he’s supporting legislation in Tennessee that would make ban public places from kicking someone out for not wearing a mask, treating it as a form of discrimination. Senate Bill 320 and House Bill 794, which do the same thing, are currently in subcommittees. (follow link for video)

snytiger6 9 Mar 10

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Without even knowing who this idiot is I looked him up just now and found I am following his 7 baby steps. Hey, Dave. Money is one thing and "mask discrimination" is another. You are not a scientist.

His sheep doesn’t care about THAT!!

That’s the very thing they disregard!}


He says that like he doesn't believe in discrimination.


I hope he gets a covid and goes to see his god.


Dave Ramsey makes a really bad argument. He's saying several things, but the crux of his argument is that many business owners don't care about the masks and are really just concerned about violating the mandate and getting into trouble, and therefore they shouldn't have to comply. Would Dave be fine with people zipping through a city intersection red light at 100 miles per hour when he's crossing the street? "Sorry, Dave, but I really don't think it's a serious problem. I shouldn't have to comply with that law since my only reason for obeying it is because I'm afraid of getting a ticket. If you disagree, then you just don't see how 'out of balance' the law is. I'm an adult and can make this decision for myself. I don't need the government to make it for me."


"Masks are discriminatory," perhaps he should take a GOOD and LONG look at his Fellow Christians to see EXACTLY where TRUE Discrimination is and comes from.

You know that won't work. 😉

@oldFloyd Worth a try though.


Masks are discriminatory.....they only protect the intelligent...


Another one I’ll be absolutely blunt about.........I hope he meets the same fate as Rush Limbaugh. But hopefully longer and more painful.

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