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The Point of the Vote

Had a political conversation with a friend of mine and he made the comment that he "votes his pocketbook" which he defined as voting for the person or policies that will affect his ability to make money. What I found intriguing about the comment is that I was taught, and to this day practice, that voting was what was good for the country not my personal pocketbook. It never occurred to me to make that connection except as a MSM talking point.

When you vote, what is your priority?

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redbai 7 Mar 16

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I dumped a guy I was dating in 2016 after he said he could not vote Dem....because low property taxes were his priority. Imagine, a gay man voting for his own oppression, because his family were landholders. Took him about two years to accept his vote had been a mistake.

Voting for the good of the country IS voting my own best interest. Way more that pocketbook voting.


I “vote my interests,” but these are not limited to my wallet, though that’s included. I always liked Jefferson’s concept of an “enlightened self-interest,” and believe that a society that is broadly democratic politically and economically, whose residents feel safe and included in opportunity, and which is not burdened by numerous “have nots” is more stable and sustainable.

Sounds like your in favor of utopia. So am I. A just god would also be preferable and just as likely to exist.

What is an "enlightened self-interest", it just sounds like someone putting their personal interests on a pedestal. Can't personal "interests" (even if they are considered "enlightened) differ from that of the interests of the country or create a myopic POV in relation to the needs of the whole?


To me, that is the true definition of patriotism, to put the general welfare of the country ahead of your own personal ambition or comfort. That does not include blind loyalty to the government, blind support for all wars, the troops, and the MIC, and it esp. does not include the rah rah nationalism and support of American exceptionalism. Those people are not patriots, they are merely selfish, ignorant nationalists who care only about their own tribe withing American society.


Voting his pocketbook is an excuse. It's to cover the shame of voting Republican.

He says it's what his dad taught him was its purpose. Apparently, voting was a tool to make sure that politicians didn't get crazy with over-taxing the population. The goal was to elect people and effect policies that would restrain government from getting in the way of making and keeping as much money as you can.

@redbai Exactly. His dad. He's the same Religion as. His dad. He votes Republican just like. His dad

@barjoe Ironic thing is that I also got my POV wrt voting from my dad.

@redbai You had a better dad. Be thankful for your father.

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