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How often have you said , "GHA"! It's time to purge all these thousands of notices ?

Haven't been on social media much scince Spring . I had over 1,600 notices ! Very deeeply sorry about all my followers , but I just had to start over ! 👎😟👎

Dougy 7 Apr 15

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I've been wondering about you. hope your back for a while.


I try to do it daily..


I had to drop out of the Meme group because of all the postings. I'd have 50-60 notices every morning and more later on. So I just go there and look at the memes when I have a few minutes. Sorry guys.


Too often the "fruit tree" is hidden in a forest of scrub trees.


Most of my notis on here consist of likes, comments, group posts, and new followers. Once I woke up to 100+ notis to clear out from 3 posts I made the night before.


Did it with emails-around 3000.


I purge regularly. Whether it's here, or emails, or just accumulated junk.
I can't stand to have 'stuff' lingering about anymore. I function better with a clean slate.


Welcome back. I noticed you quit posting back in February


Clarify "GHA" please.

I am with you on that one. I looked up GHA and found a link to I think I will put it in my favorites because I frequently need to look up acronyms. lists 107 acronyms for GHA.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Got Heartburn Again

Ghost Hunters Academy

@PappyOnWings I also looked it up and got the same results. I do not think any that I read meant what the OP meant.

@jlynn37 OP - that one is easy. To me, it means Oaklawn Park racetrack ?


I did notice you were gone. Glad to see you back!

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