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A recent international report has come to the startling and baffling conclusion that Christians and the religious are more likely to believe in massive conspiracy theories and join organisations such as Q annon, that non religious people. Furthermore, they are more likely to develop terrible paranoid delusions.

What is there among good, god fearing, church going men and women that could possibly make them believe in something so ridiculous as a thing that:

1 Is a hidden hand, an invisible power, ruling us all
2 Watches over you, and judgmentally monitors everything you do, even in private
3 Wants to take away your right to carry arms in favour of hippy, dippy peace and love stuff
4 Controls everything and is all powerful and omniscient
5 Cannot be seen, or heard or touched, but can smite you down at will without hesitation
6 heads an elite organization of rich and otherwise completely trusted paedophiles
7 was probably founded by the Jewish or the Arabs and whose leaders need nailing to a tree

LenHazell53 9 Mar 29

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No wonder, after all they do believe in some old guy who says he must be obeyed and worshiped.


Yes, was that the international report from Stockton-on-Tease?


@LenHazell53 coming from believers in woo, despite exonerating themselves, it's not a bad analysis.

The ABC is the only major news source to trust on this continent.

Thanks Len, and thanks for being only an atheist, in your modest self-assessment. lol


I am not in the slightest bit surprised that Christians and the religious are more likely to believe in massive conspiracy theories. The common denominator is the failure (or should that be refusal?) to engage in critical thinking.


Excellent points! The through line of faith (i.e., belief without evidence) has always connected religion to those massive conspiracy theories, along with a truckload of other unsubstantiated views. Critical thinking is hardly an asset to a community that regards faith as a virtue, rather than the credulity it actually is.


It also boils down to this.

QANON, like the Nazis, Fascists before them offer up easy answers, scapegoats, fear of those who aren’t like them, and those that aren’t are your “enemies”.

And similarly to the Brownshirts and Blackshirts of that day, just look at the Proud Boys of today, all are in need of “Belonging”.....whether to a movement or to a person, and they all happen to wear a certain type of “Uniform” similar to military type gear. Yet each of them will claim they are “Their own person” when they actually aren’t.


mindless sheep.


It’s amazing how those who “believe” regardless of their particular delusions, (Catholics, Protestants, Mormon), etc. claim to worship and love a “God” that they are so fearful of.


Malleable is probably the best word.

Anyone who can hear absolute complete nonsense over and over again and not question it will be easily influenced by repetitive messages.

My mother used to listen to Fox News all day, and she gave money to the Republican Party.

Now she watches CNN all day, and she goes on and on about how much she hates Republicans.

If I could get her back on Fox News, she would probably go back to being a Republican.

BD66 Level 7 Mar 29, 2021

The whole premise of Christianity is based on fantasies and a belief that satan is everywhere and the end of time is nigh

And the same with “God”.

That he could “read your mind” and always knew what you were thinking. He is everywhere. Blessed with “Magical and Supernatural powers”. All designed to create fear.

Nothing more than a doomsday cult that got lucky when it was chosen as the state religion of Rome.

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