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LINK 40 years ago today, Ronald Reagan was shot outside a Washington hotel

This was in the first hundred days of Reagan's presidency. Exactly the same timeline as Biden's presidency today. Reagan was lucky, James Brady not so lucky. Reagan didn't do anything regarding gun control, Brady did.

barjoe 9 Mar 30

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Sadly it was a failed attempt.


i've always wondered how America would have turned out if he died that day?

George HW Bush would've been president. Probably worse.

@barjoe I think HW would have least responded more immediately to the AID's crisis.

@BufftonBeotch I don't. He'd have been exactly the same except maybe less popular. Republicans are fucked up. All of them.


I know Brady was paralyzed.
I remember somebody grabbing up the nuclear football and running off with it.

Reagan was more gravely wounded than they let be publicly known.


Regan started the downfall of the American people.

He definitely put us back hard

Nixon actually. Compared to Trump, Reagan was a good guy.


To bad it didn't turn out better.

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