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What makes SCIENCE so believable?

What makes the science explanation about the origin of the world so believable and the Bible's creation story so fictional?

P.S. don't ya dare told me that bible story is fictional because no one has ever seen the "god".... scientist were not in the beginning of time, too.. it's all just a matter of theories and assumptions tho...

johnwein0517 4 Oct 2

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Facts? Much of science is theory but yes, gravity works. The world is round as result, and not the center of the universe. These are things we do not merely "believe"...we know.

And yes I will dare say the bible story is fictional. It was codified first as a tool of social engineering of nomadic hebrew tribes. It abounds in inconsistencies, absurdities, cruelty and has spawned thousands of "sub-sects" (xianity, islam,, protestants,...) who have destroyed each other over the ages because they don't believe in the same insane god in the same insane way.

The only people who believe the buy bull cannot have critically read it. Start with the Skeptics' Annotated Bible. If you can read just the "Contradictions" section and come away believing the "god of Abraham" is even a remote possibility then I truly pity you.



Science is based on theory proved by evidence. It is fact, not faith.


I read a comment about a year ago and since I'm paraphrasing from memory and I haven't asked her permission to use her thought I won't specify where I got it except to mention that it isn't from me originally.

'All throughout history people have thought they had -- often supernatural -- explanations for things -- the sun was a light being dragged across the sky by Apollo, thunder was dwarves playing ten-pins in the mountains or so forth. But when we were able to get closer looks we realized that there were secular mechanisms that explained things and obviated the supernatural. On the other hand, how many times has it gone the other way? We used to have a secular explanation but now we realize that the thing we see is really caused by that god over there or that magician or that rabbit's foot in our pocket or whatever -- exactly zero!'

That's why science is more believable than religion -- science has demonstrated over and over and over to be more correct than religion. Religion has ever only been able to play 'god-of-the-gaps'. When knowledge moves in, religion has to leave.


Because science works. When scientists tell us there will be a total eclipse to the very minute and the very spot on Earth to View it, it happens. When Jesus says I will return before this generation passes away... well we’re still waiting. This is just one example, but science is constantly telling us things that work, and religion tells us useless stories.


The fact that no threated you with hell if you don't believe in science. Science is the study of life where as religion is a practice of copyright where if you don't "shut the fuck up and listen to what I say" philosophy is used to control those who are less mentally stable. If power is something you desire in life (like a school bully aka god/satan) that you are choosing to be stupid, and you should know that there is someone who is a master at being stupid (satan). He don't exist in life but death so you better be good and you better not spout. If you can shame someone one for wearing knock off brand clothes at school/public or are one to laugh either to fit in or be in fear of being made fun of next then you are a possessive person (a person who is easily persuaded). If not for this religion you so blindly follow convincing you to treat other people as less than human for not being part of your religion when you asked them to. Then how long would it take for someone who did what the church did to you (psychic readings and subconscious manipulation) to do the same thing you do to non-believers but to everyone else. The question was never about if god existed or not, but if you think we are going to voluntarily treat people like shit for our own benefit then you are sadly mistaken. You can twist words around all you want in you little study room(church) but truth comes from action not words. You don't need a bible to want to help the poor the bible is what you use to ignore real people.


Science is believable because it is predictive. Science follows a set of rules which are met universally, and does not deviate from those rules. Our understanding of the rules may become more focused over time (for example, with improvements in our technology), but in the end, everything in the universe still follows the rules. [Case in point: Based on his knowledge of the periodicity of elements, Dmitri Mendeleev predicted the characteristics and properties of four elements (scandium, gallium, technetium and germanium) which had yet to be discovered.] Science is based in the reproducibility of results, whereas faith is untestable. Or, to put it another way, science is based in 'truth' (as we currently know it), and faith is based on a believer's fears and superstitions.


Repeatable, observable results. Facts, reason, evidence, and questioning the conclusions that we come to.


Science is constantly testing theories and revising them based on empirical evidence. Religion uses anecdotal "evidence" which is nothing but hearsay in the end. You are wrong about scientific theory having formed and solidified about Anything, indeed theories about the formation of the universe are in flux as deep space telescopes and higher mathematics, among other things, observe, record, an examine ongoing data constantly coming in.
The fact that you make such a dogmatic statement makes me suspect you are trolling this site.


It is verifiable and stands the test of validity every day. Every time religion has come up against science, religion lost. I am a life-long atheist, being a skeptic before I learned the word or understood the the meaning. I argued with cousins about the utter ridiculous idea of a Santa Claus; reindeer don't fly, case closed. "Santa Claus is watching you" is a early life primer for a kid that later morphs to "God is watching you" and just as stupid and idiotic.

Over the years as I matured I was a hyper-active agnostic who soon realized I was a full-on atheist. I co-organized the Denton Atheist Meet Up 22-miles to the east of Decatur, Texas and then organized the Wise Free Thinkers & Skeptics Meet Up. I was reluctant to use "Atheist" as this is another of those Texas bible-belt towns, whereas Denton is a college town with University of North Texas and Texas Women's College and more liberal. The two groups meet on opposite Sundays, so I spend each and every Sunday with Atheists and we have a great time. Atheism is where it's at! "Wise" is the name of the county in which Decatur is located and I had to use that duality.

Ozone Level 2 Dec 28, 2017

Theories are hypotheses that have been tested for validity and reproduced by others performing the experiment using the same methodology. Most of the Old Testament was written after the Diaspora. Hence, it incorporates much of the mythology of Babylon and other Eastern cultures. This maybe why different books of the Bible contradict each other. Finally to the best of my knowledge nobody has ever been put to death for promoting a conflicting scientific hypothesis. But they do have to produce evidence. Religious dogma just says : It's the word of God.


Just acknowledging what science is brings us to reality Science means knowledge, there is a methodology standard to science, If someone does not use the standard model then it is NOT science
SCIENCE IS REAL WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT. This is fact, Science is never wrong , it is merely seeking the truth,

EMC2 Level 8 Dec 29, 2017

We use science to study the validity of specific religions, Science provides the real truth a day in court if you will To be one who refuses to learn or even care to learn is just a shame , Wasting a mind on forced belief

EMC2 Level 8 Dec 29, 2017

to bad the bible is fiction and that god can be debunked.. genesis is complete garbage. i don't believe science i accept the fact they show, they are testable and observable. we did not have to be there. we have evidence that supports it. this. you were not there hypocricy, where you there when this jesus garbage was invented? where you there when this moses was around? no. there are ways to test for things in our past, in science. so instead of asking , why don't you go find out why science works and is reliable .a scientific theory is not a guess, only a creationist nut says things like this. nothing is assumed in science either.its all been through peer review.


Science is believable,because they have to be able to test a theory,have to be able to prove it true or false,if false they start afresh,they have to have evidence to back op their claims.they have studied for years to graduate and then more practical work and experience over years,As far as I am concerned I would believe the findings by science over the bible any day and as for a god,I will believe it once their is hard evidence of its existance.whats more science uses the most advanced technology in studying the stars the births and demise and their movement.


A scientific hypothesis is formed and tested then retested again and again to prove validity. If the hypothesis is proven wrong, a new one is formed and tested until a conclusion is reached.

Faith generally goes something like this:

Jesus loves me
this I know
for the bible tells me so

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