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LINK Messianic Rabbi Urges Christians to Celebrate Passover to Honor Jesus | Beth Stoneburner | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Messianic “Rabbi” Curt Landry, who said last October that God would curse you for voting for Joe Biden and then said in November that God would never let Biden win because that would make guys like him look dumb, now has some advice for Christians: You should partake in Passover as part of your annual Easter celebration.

The audience for Charisma probably doesn’t want to hear this, but if they long for ritual and liturgy this much, they’re better off visiting a Catholic church. There’s no need to steal from someone else’s tradition — and that’s what this amounts to: Taking a tradition from the Jewish faith while simultaneously looking down upon Jewish people for their beliefs.

snytiger6 9 Apr 1

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Actually, the day before Jesus died he celebrated the Passover with his gang. Of course it is a great fictional story.


Why does anyone give a crap about this guy? Modern day version of the guy wearing the placard “declaring the world will end next Friday!”......


Have a Christian Seder? Do we have to drink Manischewitz? I'm all for a good meal, but I will pass on Kosher wine.


I 'celebrated' Passover at a family barbie last evening.....LOL.
I passed over the salads, the sauces, the bread, etc, etc, whenever I was asked to do so....LOL.


But ... christianity is all about stealing from other traditions, ESPECIALLY Jewish! Like the so-called “old” testament.


All this debate over meaningless stuff. What I want to know (still) is how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

Is that 'pin' an ACTUAL one or an imaginary just like are Angels, God/s and the like? LOL
If it be imaginary, then all would be dependent upon the scope of your imagination, would it not?


I look down on everyone for their beliefs, Jewish or otherwise. I'm an equal opportunity heathen.

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