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LINK “He Would Be Better Off in Heaven”: Grandmother Confesses to Drowning Child | Val Wilde | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

A heartbreaking scene played out in Kokomo, Indiana over the weekend, ending in the death of a four-year-old .

Now the boy’s grandmother, 56-year-old Helen Martin, has confessed to deliberately drowning the boy in his bath while her husband was out running errands.

Court documents revealed how the tragedy played out, beginning with the reason behind the crime:

She believed that she had been so depressed recently that she thought he would be better off in heaven than to be with her.
snytiger6 9 Apr 2

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Drown her, she's a witch.

No, far too quick, far too merciful in my opinion.
Instead for her heinous crime I'd have her chained to a post driven into the sea bed at the lowest point of the Low tide where there are plenty of hungry Bull sharks then sit back and watch as the tide comes in bringing the sharks with it.


Imo, NO matter what reasons/alibis, etc, she elects to put forward SHE is a MURDERER, GUILTY of ALL Charges of Infanticide and, therefore should be SHOWN NO mercy what-so-ever.
FFS, according to the diagnoses of 3 Psychiatrists in 2001, I have been battling Chronic, Recurrent Depression, Anxiety Attacks, and Agoraphobia since my early teens and yet I have NEVER sought to harm ANYONE except myself on the few occasions where I attempted suicide.
Trust me when I say that I AM NOT looking for sympathies, etc, here when I state that I HAVE suffered from the Abuses inflicted upon me by my 'mother' since as far back as I care to remember and was Sodomized by 3 men, no relation to me at all btw, at the age of 10.
But, this filthy, child killing BITCH has NO excuses what-so-ever, imo, for her heinous crime.


The grandmother is a confused monster. It goes without saying that she is highly delusional.

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