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LINK Church Culture is Weird - YouTube

Have you ever struggled to understand Christianese?

Have you ever felt the spirit of God during a prayer and didn’t know what was actually going on regarding the spiritual manipulation?

Then watch this excellent guide to Christian Culture from YouTuber Andrew Miller:

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Yeah christians should have to write an explaination to their use of words....example.."he lives", in sunday school I asked "by what definition of the word"?


This is a peculiarly American phenomenon . Church services in the UK are sober boring affairs, The main problem is trying to keep awake.

The first guy I dated after my husband died asked me to go to church even though he knew I wasn an atheist. He claimed the music was wonderful. Music is one of my weaknesses and I've always enjoyed spirituals so I agreed. It was one of those modern music services and I went to sleep. I don't snore but he didn't invite me to church anymore.


Weird, I sincerely doubt that there is an ACTUAL word in any Dictionary/Lexicon/Language that even REMOTELY describes exactly or precisely just how unbelievably strange, etc, etc, etc, that Church and Religious Culture truly IS.
For example, ONE of my most favourite gut busting laughs comes from when a Christ fool tells me " Let Jesus into your heart and you WILL know the Truth."
Yeah,right, IF anything I was taught in years as a Nurse it IS this, "Let ANYTHING, other blood or surgical Instruments UNDER controlled Cardio-Pulmonary Operations, and YOU will be DEADER than Julius Caesar, PERIOD." OR,
" God and Jesus are with you EVERY moment of your life," well that explains WHY I keep tripping over things that aren't there, the dopey bastards haven't got enough brains to know when a bloke is TRYING to walk around the place then.

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