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On their website, Sophia Institute Press describes its wares as “faithful Catholic classics and new texts by the great enduring figures of the Catholic intellectual tradition.”

Father Gabriele Amorth, world-renowned exorcist, could hardly be called one of them.

His recent posthumous biography, The Devil Is Afraid of Me: The Life and Work of the World’s Most Famous Exorcist, describes a man who, at the peak of his faculties, performed upwards of 17 exorcisms per day while relying on his fellow priests to update him on world events in the space of a single shared meal.

Amorth seems almost proud when he brags about coasting through university without studying or attending classes, saying “they gave me the degree as a gift.”

The book may tout his expertise concerning the world of demons, but when it comes to the human world, the man comes across as profoundly incurious and frequently ill-informed.

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Those pesky demons get everywhere. Get a demon dog and protect yourself.


2 things SPRING to mind here,
The first being " Catholic Intellectual Tradition," which imo, MUST be a complete and Utter oxymoron IF ever there was one,
The second being, imo, WTF has this Amorth been drinking, smoking, injecting?

"Catholic intellectual" ? the ultimate oxymoron.

@Moravian Thanks for that, oxymoron was the word I was looking for but it had slipped my mind.
Fixed it now as you can see.


I smell a huge pile of human shit.

Huge, you ain't kidding.
I never knew that shit could even be piled so high.


I met a layman who worked for the catholic church as part of a group of "expert exorcists." That guy, as strange as he was, wouldn't have found said priest advancing his church's work. The guy I met, through an old counselor, said the church from Rome only authorized about 200 exorcisms a year. He said almost ever person he was sent to see only need psych help, at most.

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