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Christians Aren’t Helping Hospital Workers With Prayer Events in Parking Lots
By Beth Stoneburner
April 6, 2020

Christians all around the country are showing their appreciation for hospital workers… by adding to the number of bodies those staffers have to take care of.

For whatever reason, various Christian groups have decided the best way to send their thanks is by crowding into hospital parking lots, holding up signs of loves, honking their horns, and (seriously) getting out of their cars to pray.

However positive their intentions, they’re getting in the way of ambulances, creating a larger disturbance at a time when hospital workers are already surrounded by chaos, and creating an environment where COVID-19 can spread more quickly.

snytiger6 9 Apr 6

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Imo, in ANY given crisis type situation Chrustian Faithfools are about as useful as a pair of pantyhose with either NO legs or just 1 single leg.


i gotta ask "what has a hospital done for you lately, other than charge you $400 for a couple tylenol?"

Well, if you consider the last 10 years as "lately", the hospital saved me from leukemia. The original diagnosis was made by my ophthalmologist. She took one look at my blood work and called to tell me I needed to go to the emergency room. I was surprised that the hospital food was actually pretty good. I was treated at OHSU's (Oregon Health & Science University) hospital.

@snytiger6 ha ours has pretty good food too. Im curious if they gave you arsenic, or no? Or iow how did they save you?


It seems, with 'these people' give someone an inch and they take a mile attitude. It could very well be the crash of religion is leading to some real desperation and trying to shove their crap down everyone's throats. I say good as this only makes things worse, for them.

hmm; masks are mandatory, going to hospitals is not?


Oh, FFS!!!


If I see any of this my remark if I'm in one of those parking lots is "Oh, shut up and get out of my way."


Any religious nutjob that gets in my way in any car park soon gets the sharp edge of my tongue.


Faithfools doing stupid crap.


There is nothing shocking anymore about what these crumbskulls do, or don’t do for that matter.

Obviously somethings going on in their heads that no one but them can ever comprehend.

isnt that kinda true about everyone else, at least on some level?

More likely, imo, a severe case of " Monkey see, Monkey do."

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