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The Pope and an Atheist


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As an Aussie born and bred I've always liked and laughed at Dave Allen and his jokes, especially when he's sticking it to religion.
Just watched him talking about Aussies and it cracked me up as well, YES we like our beer icy cold, sharks around here do "take" you but they TAKE chunks of you mostly on some occasions, we are, at least the older generations very friendly and often very generous people BOTH the white and the black BUT, as a once Roustabout in a Shearing Team, Shearers get paid by the TALLY ( the number of Sheep they shear) NOT by the size of the flock or by the hour, etc, and our sense of humour can often be seen by others, i.e. Non Aussies, as being strange, weird, odd, risque, bawdy, etc, etc.


But it turned out to be a big spider.


I miss Dave on our Tellies!

He was awesome!!😎


I'll have to remember this when responding to religionists. 😁😂🤣

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