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LINK Letters From An American 04/14/2021

Today, the administration issued a proclamation on Black Maternal Health Week. It noted that Black American mothers die from pregnancy-related complications at two to three times the rates of White, Hispanic, Asian American, and Pacific Islander women, no matter what their income or education levels. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris declared their commitment to “building a health care system that delivers equity and dignity to Black, Indigenous, and other women and girls of color.”

There has been talk lately about President Biden assuming the mantle of Democratic president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who piloted the nation through the Great Depression and World War II. There is a lot to that. Biden is enthusiastically embracing the idea that the government has a role to play in regulating business, providing a basic social safety net, and promoting infrastructure. That ideology has been on the ropes since voters elected President Ronald Reagan, who argued that the government pioneered by Roosevelt smothered business growth and stifled individualism by levying taxes for programs that Washington bureaucrats thought would benefit the nation.

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Biden has even had historians around to get a full grasp of what FDR did and how to translate that into modern terms and results. It's going to be an uphill fight. The right will fight everything and Biden doesn't have all of the D's because of a few dumbfuck moderates.


The talk I keep hearing is look for your taxes to go up. Some of this comes from everything Biden wants to support and do. I guess people forget it will also create jobs. Then the stimulus is said to make taxes go up "because somebody has to pay for it." I saw an old man today claiming people are misusing the stimulus and he knew they were going to do it. Some would even buy dope with it. OK, some people "misuse" their own money also but I have a fix for this. Let's start the Stimulus Police. They can go around and knock on doors and you have to let them in. Is that too harsh?

Making a Black Maternal Health week might help if we could ever get past white supremacy. That won't happen with the GOP.


'Thought' would benefit the nation. Most of them did. Reagan forgot that 'the nation' is about people not corporations.

But he was beloved for John Wayning people like Iranian students and Air Traffic Controllers. Those gave him such adoration that he was able to slash the 38% rate into something that wouldn't continue to support government operations. Things got sold off and everyone was delighted by how the deserving rich no longer had to pay for much of it. Joy filled the land...until the effects of all that celebrating took effect.


Repubs are such babies when it comes to others ideas that have a better chance of working than there own.

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