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I'd be more concerned about the ones who would listen to this foolishness. 🤔


WTF, yet another shit-dribbling Chrustian Fool making an even bigger fool, IF that is at all possible, of himself.

That is why I call them faithfools.

@xenoview 'Faithfools/Christfools,' I can think of countless other descriptive names to use in relation to them but there are ladies on this site so in all decency I refrain from using them.


Hard to take anyone seriously who doesn't know the difference between 'to' and 'too'. Among other things, like basic human decency, and minding his own fucking business.
What a typical piece of christian shit.
Hope his dick falls off.

He also used your when it should have been you're. Yet he thinks he's most qualified to choose the principal.

@Eazyduzzit Right.


There used to be such a thing as confidential information. Hell I've never told my friends if I'm straight (I am) gay or an asexual organism that reproduces by division


How is it that we suddenly know the sexual orientation of others to this degree?


Conversations with idiots like this should be close-Captioned for the braindead.

OR, imo, be made to wear a sign that states clearly, " Do NOT engage in conversation with me as it WILL result in severe headaches, mental distress and utter confusions."

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