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LINK Sam Harris on UFOs - YouTube

Even Harris is talking about this.

He makes a comment about how interesting it will be who is left standing, given past staunch negative attitudes, if something affirmative comes out about this.

Wonder if he had Neil degrass Tyson on his mind? I wouldn't be surprised. Now that I'd like to see. I've lost since ceased to be an admirer of NdGT.

David1955 8 June 7

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There are unidentified flying objects. This is a fact. When we go the extra step and add intelligence to a flying machine of some sort we have then added a preset belief to the mix and have done so without evidence. I am amazed that in an era of digital imagery we still see bad images of what so many claim is proof of ET and friends.

I think that you are over simplifying what many say about this issue. It's not just fuzzy photos. Yes, of course there are UFOs; the question is, what are they? Only a few ufo pseudo religionists actually claim this is 'proof' of aliens. The rest of us merely want to know what the evidence is. Unfortunately, I don't have much confidence in the honestly or transparency of US agencies to reveal this.


There is so much idiocracy with this UFO stuff that what's unidentified is peoples intelligence, no critical thinking there just lots of wishful thinking ...

There is no evidence whatsoever of any actual advance flying objects. It is just unidentified birds and crack head claim to fame with frivolous stories that have nothing to them. Wish we had something, but reality is that we don't.

Because you've seen all the evidence from all the sources and are able to draw this conclusion, right? I see. Well, I agree with Harris, who is anything but gullible about claims: there's simply too much from too many sources, including military, to dismiss, and the time has come that something needs to be said, and I don't think unidentified birds and raving crack heads will cut it, to be honest.

If they land in my backyard I will start paying attention.... Not Now.


I wish there were actual evidence. Sure you have lost of "sources" and claims, but lets be realistic here. If that was to be reason for believing we have actual evidence of actual sightings we would be correct in wanting some acknowledgement about this... BUT these purported evidence and your reaction to my comment of these current discussions just mirror nicely the way religious people respond when challenged on their supposed "evidence".

When questioned, they claim we have not seen all evidence, as if there were any good evidence. Are we to believe then by default because those who doubt have not look at all "evidence" even though all evidence so far are hearsay and bad photography of explained phenomenons?

Hell, even I have seen strange things I have not been able to identify... does it mean I saw flying pixies? Yes? No? Does the Vatican has an obligation to investigate sightings of Hanuman?

Again, I wish we had actual evidence... but we really don't. And this charade about so called admission of the "UFO" sightings is absurd. I mean, they are correct in that they don't know what these are, mainly because they don't care to identify it themselves. But to jump from "we are to stupid to care" to "they are anal probing us" (/jk!) is a damn huge faith or wishful based jump.

What images and videos I have seen are mostly hoax, lies or miss-identifications. What stories one hears are hoaxes or other things.

@JJ-Baltazar no one is expressing any belief here, only a desire to see all the sources and relevant data. The focus here should be on transparency, not on assumptions that the sources and data should be dismissed without evening seeing them.

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