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LINK Former first lady Barbara Bush dies at 92 – CNN

The only one in that family who was good. 😟

Melbates 7 Apr 17

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I didn't like her. There were enough times that she failed to conceal her disdain for the poor and the not white that I couldn't consider her moral. That being said, I never wished her any ill. Looks like she led a long and very privileged life. Sayonara, Babs.

Deb57 Level 8 Apr 18, 2018

She was one of the few First Ladies that I never really had a strong opinion on. She seemed like a kindly grandmother, but with a spark of lizard in her eyes. No, I'm not going there.


Just a shame she murdered so many people with her uneducated view and made up lies about drugs

Ooips got her confused with Reagan's ex sorry


Are national day of mourning extended to first ladyies? A day off would be nice.


Never care for her husband, but I always liked Barbara.


Yeah, Babs had her moments of cattiness that I thought were very unbecoming. She's no better than the rest of them. She has partially redeemed herself in her Trump comments, but I'm not sure she was still relevant. And she gave birth to Jeb and Jr. She could'a kept her knees shut.


She Married into Politics which has to be told because this is what happened to America. Go and do some History Homework.


Thought her husband would have gone first.


She was the only one in that family who was worth a damn.


Watching the report on MSNBC as I write this. I liked her, even if her husband was a Republican. She had a wicked sense of humor and knew how to use it without putting anyone down.


I just saw the news. Poor, sweet lady. She put up with so much. I'm still surprised she didn't outlive her husband though.

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