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LINK US Catholic bishops OK steps toward possible rebuke of Biden

Ut oh. No flesh of Christ, in the form of stale saltines, for Biden. 😢

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 18

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I really like the second sentence in this response.


Where were these a-holes while Trump was pumping out the racism? That must have been OK with them...

The Catholics in the Vatican love extreme right wing politics, Pius the XII made Hitler's Birthday a religious Holiday during WW2, when he was convinced Hitler would win. He also wrote to Roosevelt after the war, insisting that if there had to be US occupying troops in Rome after the war that they not be black, because that would lead to hundreds of rapes and a "litters of half breed child children."
Hence their reticence to condemn Trump, as they failed to condemn the Holocaust and there still ongoing reluctance to excommunicate Hitler.


I believe POTUS Joe only cares about what his God thinks. After all, he wants to see his first wife and kids again. God took them all to teach him some kind of lesson about humility, or something.

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