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This is a GREAT you tube video about the Amish,,, very interesting to say the least.. You don't have to agree with their religious beliefs, but you can't help but love their attitudes.. 😊

Captain_Feelgood 8 June 20

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Just another load of tyrannical sky daddy fear mongers, shunning and emotionally abusive to children, sexist and racist, deluded hypocritical fuckwits.


Went to college in Pennsylvania and have cousins who live their. been to Bird in Hand many times in part to go Miller's General Store which I regard as a very good place to shop for food. Took my children when they were young to show them how others live. Was taken to an Amish farm in a horse and buggy. Went to the hat maker's shop and was given a tour of the steam driven tools and bought a hat. If you act with respect and speak like a human, I have found everyone to be friendly and kind. The store is run mostly by women, but there is always a man there watching over the proceedings as if it is expected that some of the tourists will be obnoxious, as I am sure happens on a regular basis. I always ask the women for help in very respectful way. Last time , Mr MIller was at the checkout. I had a nice exchange with him. One time the wife of the reigning minister was standing in a line next to me. I invited her to go ahead of me in line and she shyly accepted. The others around us were intently watching my behavior. Looking to go back soon with a large cooler.


My grandmothers family was "Pennsylvania Dutch". They migrated to Canada to a Mennonite district. My grandmother moved to Iowa and married grandpa, and they were part of the Aikers Mennonite district there. I have my dads Mennonite Cradle Roll. The Amish are an offshoot of the Mennonite. The reason for the split was the Mennonite were considered to be too worldly and fraternizing too much with non Mennonite, so the Amish came into being.

As I noted elsewhere, the Mennonites do drive cars!

Interesting history there,, thanks. What is a Cradle Roll? A baby blanket or something?

@Gwendolyn2018 Some do and some dont. Depends on the ordinan and church district they are in, some of the lower ordinans are still horse and buggy. My dad was upset when I traded a horse off for a tractor, instead of buying a draft team.

@Captain_Feelgood I found a pic of my dads. I think it is just an acknowledgment of a new member of the community. They do not become a member of the Church until baptism as an adult. Usually late teens. This is really a beautiful and vibrant document. Dad was born in 1931.

@misstuffy Wow!! How cool is that... I find these old traditions soo interesting, even if they are religious.. Thanks for sharing.. 😁👍

@misstuffy I was going by what I see here in MO. I lived in Cali for 40 years, and there were no Amish or Mennonites where I lived. However, it makes sense that different denominations have different standards.

@Gwendolyn2018 Yep, you have high order Amish driving in vans, bumpers painted black and you have low order Mennonite in buggies, if people in one ordinan don't agree with the rules, they may move to one they do agree with, or get enough families together to start a new one. But both the Amish and the Mennonite run the gamit of buggy to cars as far as modernity go. My grandmother had hair well past her hips, it was snow white, I never saw her in pants. She kept quoting Corinthians at me, ( the part about a womans hair being her crowning glory) I had talked mom into getting me a pixie cut when I was seven.

@misstuffy Interesting! It is quite different here.

By the way, my hair is down past my derriere and a few people have asked me if I wear it long for religious reasons. To the last man who asked, I said, "No, I am an atheist." He was shocked! Pentecostal women wear their hair long and do not wear pants. I might have had on a dress, but it would not have been a "Pentecostal" dress.


Interesting religion

bobwjr Level 10 June 21, 2021

It doesn't matter, their God is an evil brutal asshole.


One thing I can say about these types of theists, I do not know of an instance of any of them trying to force their beliefs on others in any way.

They are not evangelical--they don't care if others go to hell!

@Gwendolyn2018 That is it exactly. They do not see anyone else as worthy.

@BufftonBeotch Which is the sin of pride, but I am not going to explain it to them.


Both the Amish and Mennonites live in my area of Missouri. It is amusing to see them with cell phones in stores. The Mennonites drive, but the Amish hire people to drive them. I had a young girl speak to me once in a store, and one man: they both commented on my hair!

I didn't know about the puppy mills that others mentioned, but I know about cover-ups of sexual abuse--saw a documentary about it some time ago.

The Amish are people, just like everyone else. They are not special as human beings nor paragons of human virtue.

A girl who was Mennonite went to my high school. She had friends bring her in clothes to change into so she didn't have o wear those drab dresses all day.

@BufftonBeotch Don't blame her!

Yep... That sort of stuff goes on in EVERY religion, culture, country, etc, etc. .

@Captain_Feelgood It happens wherever people live.

@Gwendolyn2018 I started thinking about it, and I can't say I ever heard of that stuff going on with the native Alaskan clans, but it probably does. Maybe Buddhists... who knows. 🥴

@Captain_Feelgood I don't know much about the Inuit, so I can't say, but I still think that every culture has individuals who are less than honest, etc. As for Buddhists, it still depends upon the individual. Some religions/philosophies and cultures are much less corrupt than others, and I would say the Inuit were one.


Did you know that the Amish are responsible for a high percentage of the puppymills in the country. Yeah, fuck them. []

I did not know this.

The Amish as a culture have always have a deeply rooted connection to animal agriculture. This would make sense since the Amish community still uses horse and buggy as the main means of transportation. The Amish are drastically changing the way we breed and keep dogs in kennels. In the last decade we have seen the Amish build some of the most advanced kennels in the world. These kennels have all of the modern-day advancements such as electricity, drainage, exercise programs and much more.

An Amish man in Indiana actually went as far as contacting Purdue to work on better ways to raise dogs. This is how the Canine Care Certified program started that does private inspections of commercial dog kennels and works to improve the dog breeding standard

Amish Dog Breeders are creating Breeder Clubs to further educate themselves and create opportunity for younger Amish in their community to get started in breeding. These breeder clubs are creating their own standards that surpass the United States department of Agriculture standards. This is improving the lives and the health of the dogs used for breeding. While also creating happier and healthily puppies available for sale from the Amish Community.[]

@Captain_Feelgood Nice PR page.

@Captain_Feelgood The 11lb poodle next to me escaped from Amish breeders.
i was touring Lancaster PA & she ran in front of my car. She was being pursued by 2 Amish men, who gave up. I did not. She was less than half her proper bodyweight, (including milk-filled dragging teats)
ALL her teeth were loose, she was 90% hairless, 100% covered with fleas/flea bites & poop.
All she needed was food, all but 4 of her teeth tightened back up & are still in her mouth after being with me 12 years. She grows enough hair I could knit myself another dog every few months. The vet said he never saw such a worn-out uterus, she was literally being bred to death and starved while doing it.
You may parrot what you like, but I have before & after pics, and vet reports.


No thank you. Religious bullshit is just another type of the same old same old bullshit and as any shit, it stinks.

Nobody asking you to go join up with them.. It's just an educational video... 😏

@Captain_Feelgood Fuck that shit, join? Can't even watch bullshit, much less be stupid enough to be converted. If you enjoy so much watching bullshit be my guest. I don't and won't watch crap. Got a problem with that?

@Mofo1953 Pffffft... nope... Personally I don't give a shit what you do or don't watch... Like I said, it's just an educational kind of thing... If you don't like that kind of stuff,, no skin off my back. Can't say I'm that surprised at this point.. I really don't care. Again, like I said in the original post, 'you don't have to agree with their religious beliefs'.... So that's fine... stay ignorant for all I care.. Seriously,, try trolling somewhere else if you don't have anything pertinent to add to the conversation. HAND 😊👍

@Captain_Feelgood for someone who claims not to give a shit, your long and frankly imbecilic reply says otherwise.


What I would like to know from the Amish is, what is so special about the 19th century? Why is god OK with 19th century technology but not 20th? It's still 1900 years after Jesus. Seems arbitrary to me.

Much easier to practice the B.I.T.E. model on people and keep them brainwashed with little or no electric information and media technology.
Yet you can see then they have no problem with ophthalmology, and dentistry


A long history of covering up sexual abuse? Marrying off the impregnated young children to their rapists? Many of the individuals involved with organized crimes and drug trafficking?
Puppy mills?
Working a horse until it falls over dead?
Threatening young people who dare to dream of a different life that they will be banished forever from the only life and friends they have ever known?

But hey, they don't drive cars or have phones inside their houses so they must be wholesome, right?

Editing to add - The groups that traffic in the drugs justify it morally in that they only sell it to The English (that's anyone not Amish) because we are already all damned anyway.

But aren't they charming?

@LiberalAtheist Glorifying the Amish is just something that gets under my skin. I'll be fine. lol

@Sorcha Animals are valued only as long as they are profitable or working.

@Sorcha see my post about my escaped breeder girl, a reply to @Captain Feelgood parroting Amish dog mill CRAP!.........mine isstill with me, I am sad you lost yours....all they want is love, and food.


And here is part 2,,, even better.

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