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Cannabis supporters

Does anyone here support legalizing cannabis? Please explain where you stand on the matter.

CaryHorton 4 Apr 18

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I've been supporting the decriminalization of marijuana and hemp for nearly 40 years.
It NEVER should have been criminalized in the first place. The reasons for doing so, had nothing to do with facts, in any way, shape, or form.
It was purely political. It was a means for deportation. It was a means to please the lumber lobby. It was a means to appease the racists. It NEVER had anything to do with public health and safety.
Now, the biggest opponent to legalization is Big Pharma. They stand to lose BILLIONS if people are no longer relegated to treating their ailments with pharmaceuticals.


Cannabis is safer than alcohol. People don't die of overdoses. The current prohibition was historically racially motivated as the drug was associated with black people and criminalizing it was a reaction by racist politicians. I used cannabis when I was a teenager and was never harmed by it. Also cannabis has many medicinal properties and should be made legal for medical purposes.


Yes-check out our Legalize Marijuana Group. I just received my Medical Cannabis Card in NH.


It shouldn’t have been criminalized in the first place.


Yes, pro-legalization. I was anti-cannabis before my cancer diagnosis and started using after chemo #5 which I believe helped reduce inflammation and size of my tumors beyond the initial chemotherapy treatment progress.

Please feel free to check out our Cancer Survivors Group.


Legalizing Marijuana is the best way to regulate it and make sure the people who use it have access to a safe product.
As long as the people who are using it aren't harming anyone else, there's no point in it being illegal!

Mea Level 7 Apr 18, 2018

I am an active cannabis patient and supporter here in the very difficult state of Utah. As far as I know, I am Utah's only ex-clergyman full-time cannabis activist. I personally led a team of fellow Utah Patients Coalition members in gathering over 3,000 signatures on our ballot initiative to see that medical cannabis is legalized in our state. I am a member of the leadership team for TRUCE here in our state, a leading education and cannabis advocacy group. I use cannabis to relieve symptoms of arthritis and insomnia. None of which are on the official list of symptoms required to get medical cannabis Under the ballot initiative proposal. But that's okay, it's a short drive to Colorado and I have friends in Denver!

Very cool!


The war on drugs has failed . Legalise, tax, moderate and study correctly


Prohibition doesn't work and just feeds the Prison Industrial Complex. Weed is safer than alcohol or cigarettes but legally classified a class 1 narcotic this is stupid and harmful.


Yes. It is safer than alcohol and has health benefits. Legalize, tax, and regulate it. Furthermore, release all that are currently incarcerated for non-violent related offenses.


Yes, I do.

Legalize it, tax it, and regulate it just like food, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

It abhorrent that we have so many people in freaking PRISON for getting high -- or selling a product so others can get high, relax, deal with pain, or whatever.

A damn shame.


I don't really see cannabis as a drug as such.. Drugs are alrgely controlled by chemical process in my mind. Weed is medicine to me and nothing else and never should have been illegal.

To think the "weed" you consume is not chemically altered is pretty Naive from your part.

@GipsyOfNewSpain That is wrong on your part 🙂 I don't source so carelessly. You need to sort that out and not use it if you aren't sure of it's quality . if you use..

All the weed I consume is soil grown (living soil) organics .. 😉 I don't mess about .. If it wasn't I wouldn't use it .. UK is different - can't really say too much on here!! You are very wrong.. As wrong as a person can be .. it is critical my weed is chemical free for medical purposes !!

You comment isn't really offensive but it's assuming a lot .. you know what they say about assumptions ???

@Nickbeee your disertation of the quality of your shit been heard before... your poison of choice is still your Poison.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Okay !! So if you heard it before why come back to troll ?? Are you some kind of professional low grade idiot lol ?? throwing insults around like some petulant fuckstain on the internet - You are a joke lol .. Good luck.. You going to need it lol .. being that offensive.. come see me anytime I can give you lessons in offensive lmfao


At the age of 79 all of my injuries have arrived from my past sports life, along with my many operation's residual pain.
It's difficult to deal with the myriad of problems brought about by physically living and the anxiety
of old age.
I contacted a pain center today and have an appointment to be introduced to a Doctor
who will evaluate me as to being approved to be eligible for Cannibus medication.
Legality of this plant medication is long overdue.


I do not smoke or use cannabis at all, but I fully support legalization.



yes, there is a group here called legalize marijuana nationwide. i prefer to keep my marijuana talk on there. i don't mind a calm rational debate with someone who is against it, but i have found that some people can be a bit pushy about their beliefs. so i stick with the group, they tend to weed out most of the trollish sorts.

Byrd Level 7 Apr 18, 2018

oops, i didnt see someone already suggested that, and also, that you already joined. hi new friend!


I do. The research speaks for itself. If you're in support of it, maybe you'd like to join the Legalizing Marijuana Nationwide group, here.


Edit: I see you already joined the group. Howdy neighbor from the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Victoria, I understand the widespread support of this but what I don't understand is the same people who deride the government for not doing this sooner are now willing to allow government to control, regulate and tax Marijuana. If you don't trust them then why allow them to tax it? State governments do not see this issue in a moral or ethical light they only want the tax dollars for their partisan goals.

@MarkF Do you have another suggestion, Mark?

@VictoriaNotes Well number one as far as I know we do not pay sales tax on other prescription drugs, so why do we pay them on Marijuana? Number two do not support any legislation that proposes taxes being levied on the purchase of marijuana in any form. In my state many local municipalities are being enriched by offering manufacturing licenses to marijuana producers to the tune of $150,000.00 dollars per permit. This is in addition to any sales taxes they will collect from said producers. I also think when a state votes for legalization it should be applied statewide and not allow dry counties or such.

@MarkF Non-prescription drugs are taxed. I don't mind paying taxes on Marijuana if it's going to be used for specific reasons such as what they are doing in Washington state.


I'm neither anti-tax or anti-government when citizens are the beneficiaries. Some of the most progressive, successful and innovative countries in the world benefit from taxation and government. I agree with you about legalization being applied statewide, and that prescription marijuana shouldn't be taxed if other prescription meds aren't.

Howdy yourself neighbor. How are you?

@CaryHorton Fair to middling.


It is legal now in many areas for recreational use and in other areas for solely medical use. I think it may achieve national legality if what I've been reading is accurate.

It is far less debilitating than alcohol and other dangerous substances like meth, opiods, cocaine and other drugs.

There are gummy bears.

cava Level 7 Apr 18, 2018

Lee Gull Eyes!


I use weed for pain, anxiety, sleeping, and depression. My doctor would rather give me 5 or 6 seperate pills to deal with something that smoking one joint deals with all in one shot. This is why I support it.


I think we should legalize every drug. It would end this so-called drug war, or Wag the Dog Drug War, and end the incarceration of people for possession of drugs.

Yep!! And support to clear up the problems .. not punishment .. You can't cure it with punishments .. 🙂

I get your point, but the problem comes to how people supply their habit. Do they pay for it at the store? No problem. Do the break into my car, steal my stuff, sell it, the get a quick fix? That’s a problem.
I live in Colorado where recreational marijuana’s been legal for a while. Those who do so responsibly (don’t endanger others by driving - same with alcohol), I have no problem with - some of my friends indulge like I do with alcohol. Those who don’t, I have a problem with. You endanger others who have no say in your actions? That’s not okay with me.

@geekgirl82 But you're never going to be able to control how anybody does anything, good or bad, right or wrong. There are always going to be people who abuse and misuse any system.


Anti cannabis laws have caused so much damage. Anyone who supports them is ignorant AF.


I am a MMJ patient in FL. I beleive it should be recreational AND medical like they have in CA but beyond that it should be a states rights issue as to whether or not it should be legalized. At the very minimum the medical marijuana qualifications for a patient should be very broad. And possession should be federally decriminalized and CBD should be descheduled at a bare minimum. THC should have SOME regulations but not schedule 1.

THC should be a Schedule IV or V. Xanax and other benzodiazipines, which is schedule III, should be Schedule II.



Been legal here in Colorado for a few years now. The only thing its changed is that we now have considerably more money for the schools.


I see no reason why cannabis should be s schedule 1 drug. It is neither addictive nor dangerous. It is my preferred intoxicant.


For medical reasons there should be no debate, the answer should be yes, lets legalize it. When it comes to recreational use this is more of a grey area, having said that, I would still probably legalize it, because as of right now (this could change) the arguments that I am aware of that support legalizing cannabis, outway the arguments to keep it ilegal

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