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So you're invited to a masquerade party! What statement would your costume make about you?

Besides let's pretend! 🙂

atheist 8 Apr 18

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Some friends invited me to a Halloween party and I went as a hooker. Everyone asked me why I didn't wear a costume!



@atheist LOL
Do you need a link to the definition of a nonconformist?

@atheist I think I'm a nonconformist.

@atheist What part of nonconformist do you not understand? 🙂


That I don't give a flip for such parties.

Same, never have , never will.


No costume: This appearance is itself an illusion.


They would be sayin, I wonder when Ken will get here. just sayin


A sick and twisted sense of humor. Like a demented Girl Scout selling boxes of cookies made from real Girl Scouts.

sounds like when I go camping and make shepherds pie. Of course I don't use beef, where would shepherds get beef? Gotta use real shepherds in them pies.


I'd go as 6'8" James Comey trying to blend in with the drapes.

Good one


I'd wear a mask. Nothing else ??


I'd probably just find a big old cardboard box, put eyeholes in it, and throw it over me. I guess it would say I'm not ambitious, sociable or can find a fuck to give.


I've always been a Zorro for costume parties. Besides it being cool to be the defender of the little guy it got me laid a few times.


Last few Halloween I just dress like usual.
"What are you ?"
" an asshole - go fuck yerself"


I'm adventurous and carefree in a pirate costume.

@atheist I always thought that was " aaaarGgggh". Are you a Southern pirate?

@atheist LOL! But can you tell about the parrot? Does it wave a Confederate flag?

@atheist geez louise, i heard parrots live a long time, but........?!

@atheist ROFLMAO....At both my naivete and the joke! Thanks!


To be honest I could not imagaine that I would ever go to one. My kids all do COSPLAY, but I really could not be into it, nor when a child either.


That I'm a hopeless nerd, as I'd probably go as The Queen In Yellow (Instead of the King In Yellow, geddit?), a costume choice probably no-one would get.

wow, that is an old story. I guess it has been revamped some.

@Rugglesby it's been absorbed into the greater Cosmic Horror fandom, along with Frank Belknap Long, Clark Ashton Smith, and a few others, then taken and run with in several directions. The King In Yellow is now recognised as an avatar of the Great Old One Hastur, knowable by the Yellow Sign.

@memorylikeasieve I will have to get into that, I knew of Hastur brother of the other dude with the funnily spelled name Cluthu or something.


That I'm lazy.


Here is some good Viking/Norse men's clothing:

@atheist Because my high school mascot was Viking.

Made me look 😀😘

@atheist Yes,It is called a kilt. Look it up.

@gsiamne I was hoping you would say " look up it". sigh


If I had to wear something of my own I would be a medieval woman of small fortune.
If I could be anything I am not sure what I would choose... depended on if there was a theme to the event.

@atheist then I would be the medieval woman.

@atheist lots of fun!


I will be mystery a mask and a cloak humble yet polite

Rosh Level 7 Apr 19, 2018

I have been Elvira and Cher as an Indian (from the TV show, singing sitting on a horse) in just the last year. The Elvira wig strands kept getting in my mouth....

@atheist I seldom drink....high on life?......actually, making up for lost time!


Nerd. I'd go as Capt. Picard.

Well, I suppose I could go as <insert bald character here>. LOL!


When I was younger, ingesting certain fungi beforehand made this sort of thing enjoyable. I never wore a costume, but I always had a helluva time.


I'd wear something nerdy and/or funny.

@atheist Well you aren't wrong.


Well, I've already done a pregnant nun, a Freudian Slip (a full-slip covered in pictures of
Sigmund Freud), Violet Beauregard (after she chewed the gum), a she-devil, and the
St. Pauli girl.
Whatever I come up with next will not be revealed until October.
Go ahead and decide what "statements" those costumes made, for yourselves.
By all means, please share your conclusions.

@atheist That isn't for me to answer. You have to come to your own conclusions. I can't tell you what to think.

@atheist I think they're creative AF. Not all that "suggestive".


My costume would say 'Sorry I couldn't attend!'

I have always been more into small groups of very close friends. Large social events have never interested me.


Mysterious and slightly rebellious....I would wear black and red. A full length formal gown... Possibly with a plunging neckline, hoop skirt and Juliet sleeves... I'm ready!

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