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Whaaaa? Hypocrisy at Faux News? Who'da thunk?


That figures.


look if someone could just make me a little yellow star to wear, as an “antivaxxer,” im fine with that, its pretty obviously where we are heading anyway right

jesus who would have guessed that we would be brought down by a coronavirus with a .04% lethality lol. fuck me

The idea that someone is so selfish that they don't care about public health and then believe they are being persecuted for not giving a shit about it is about the most self-serving, narcissistic BS I've ever heard.

@redbai bro, you allow fluoride in your water ok, so wadr your opinions about other’s health are likely not getting the traction you might hope

call me selfish if you like, but i sure never would have allowed the infected into nursing homes! Strikes me as straight murder?

@bbyrd009 Well, if putting fluoride in the water was something that was done on my sayso you might have a point, but since I didn't have anything to do with the decision, you don't. Sounds more like a wild swing at me because you lack the ability to mitigate my description of your behavior.

Since you had no power to make the decision one way or another as to whether infected people should be in nursing homes that appears to be another dodge from addressing your selfish personality trait of not giving a shit about the general health of the public.

@redbai ok then, ty

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