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What what's the deal with this site?

Is this a wanna be dating site? A social networking site? or a failed experiment.
It has been a couple years since I have been on here and even though I live in the Chicago area, all the members close to me look pretty familiar and most have not been active in ages.
I like the idea of this site but gave up on it before because facebook is good enough and I have my own page there.
And what is up with the point system? why the exponential amount of effort to get to higher levels? You can get to level 5 pretty much just by showing up but to get to level 7 you need to practically dedicate you time to the site, and level 9 you need to pretty much live on it.
I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering if there is really any point in being here vs. facebook since I am on pretty much atheist group there and it's all the same conversations. Is anyone really meeting anyone here?

ThomasLevi 6 July 21

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I love because of the intelligent, funny, wise and thoughtful members. It's a joy to interact with like-minded people. I blocked Republicans who attacked me for being a Democrat.

It is against community guidelines to attack or insult members.

For me, this is not a dating site. I use Fitness Singles to meet men.


I joined this site with romantic notions of meeting someone on my same wave length, shortly after dumping my longtime boyfriend who was definitely not. I learned quickly that geographically, there was nobody active within a few thousand miles of me, so I went from "dating" to "community only" for my interest in the site, and am much happier without any expectation of finding romance. I've discovered I'm actually very happy on my own, and if romance ends up finding me, that's fine, but if not, that's okay too.

This site serves as a safe haven for me away from the religious zealots and magical thinkers on facebook and in real life. That's all. I'm fine with that.

The level system is a challenge to keep members active up to a point, and then once you reach level 8 and get the shirt, well, the some of us ease up a bit on trying to participate for the points, but the conversations and witty postings keep me coming back. 🙂


The thing I have noticed about this site is that one gets pretty much what one invests in it. I have not developed any life-changing, meaningful relationships on this site, but I have virtually met some pretty nice people; as well as some assholes which I tend to just block because life is too short. I stopped considering this as an actual dating site within a couple months of joining up, because my personal message inbox was quickly loaded with scammers, the emotionally desperate, and clods looking for some extramarital entertainment. It became quickly evident to me that "online" was not the means by which I would ever meet an acceptable mate, and I changed my profile to "Here for community." I was happier with the site after doing so. I'm not interested in long distance or online dating, but acknowledge that some people find benefit in it.

Deb57 Level 8 July 22, 2021

Especially agree with how you get what you invest in it. This site is useless as a dating site for all but a small minority that happen to live in the right geo area. But if one invests in it and participates in the community, you can make some long distance friends to message with or even chat by phone sometimes. And for some of us, that may be very helpful to have more friends like that, esp. if we live in a geo area where we are a very outnumbered cultural minority, where almost everybody is a believer and a right winger.


I agree that the point system is idiotic. I tried to post a comment on something the other day and wasn't allowed because I'm not at level 8 yet. Ridiculous.


This site is a failed experiment, as far as it being a dating site. The admin., who appears to be long gone from being involved here, apparently created the site with hopes of it being a dating site, but it never achieved the kind of critical mass in membership to make local dating an option for most members here. So it continues, at least for now, as a social network site for non-believers. I still think it's superior to FB as far as the level of discussion here. Like it or lump it... I think the other commenters have covered the rest of your ?s.


If you get lucky using this as a dating site that's fine. The posts I read and reply to here tell me it is something else.


Thanks for this link. Love this part of one review: 😂

This site is frequented by disturbed people who may be suffering from various mental disorders. Members on this site exhibit a great deal of repressed anger. And the women on this site appear to hate men.

@Apunzelle and you read the comment on Robert M's review of his unproductive membership ending sometime before August 2020? :

"I can only assume that this reviewer did not read or comprehend the terms of engagement on the site.
He was given access at no charge to the full site's facilities. If he was not able to find posts to intelligently contribute to within the open pool of posts then there are more than a thousand groups formed by level 4+ members to share the originator's concepts & purpose for that group. Very few of these groups are about philosophy or religion.
I can only conclude that this anodyne reviewer had nothing to contribute & was told as much.

I suspect that this review is an attempt to hide & protect himself from the reality of his own beliefs & mental state that he now projects onto others.

I now note that this reviewer has posted a review of another dating site where people apparently physically meet. That he describes the other members as "angry people" & claims that the "site sucks" perhaps begins to support my preceding paragraph & its conclusion. " end quote.

@Apunzelle How do you feel about being described to be either disturbed, angry or a misandrist?

@FrayedBear I think it’s hilarious. It’s quite the sweeping statement. Speaks more to the poster than to us.


If you have to ask the question whether there is any point being here then the answer is …in your case, probably…No.

This site is not, nor ever was, principally a dating site given the geographic diversity of its membership. That function was always of secondary value to the primarily social one of being a platform for people who have no religious convictions to converse online, although it has proved to have successfully linked a few couples romantically too.

The points are not important and do not confer any reward or significance, other than proving some of us apparently have too much time on our hands!

And got lucky in inheriting groups of their interests. 🤣

@FrayedBear Ain’t that a fact…I’m living proof! 😁


This is not primarily a dating site, although one can date anywhere one can meet people. This is mostly a place to talk about and promote a “godless” worldview.

The point system is mostly to deter hit-and-run scammers. It makes them invest more time than they are willing to in order to interact fully with other members. Beyond that, it’s just a way to encourage participation. That is all.

skado Level 9 July 22, 2021
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