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Ok you Okies. How do you prepare corn on the cob?

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PondartIncbendog 8 Aug 27

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My mom is hooked on the microwave method others mentioned, I pressure cook for 2 min. Amazing.
Those are both really popular methods, can't understand why they're not options.


Leave silk and husk on, cut the stalk off about 1/2 and inch up the ear and micro wave for 2 to 4 minutes.
No need to remove the corn silk. When you take the husk off the silk comes right along with it and your corn is as clean as it can be. Because the corn is hot I use a clean dish cloth to hold the silk end, squeeze and the ear will slide right out.


Now days, unschucked in the microwave for two minutes, schuck, butter, enjoy.

Variation-shuck, wrap in wet paper towel and microwave.


Same as my family who grew corn, schuck, snap stem boil then butter and salt, we got them fresh from stalk


Baked or bbq in the husk, keep the flavor in the corn, don't throw it out with the bath water.


Usually just boil it and the slather it with butter and salt. If out of butter and salt, than mayonnaise works too and actually stays on the corn better. Always have floss handy for after, but yummm... I love my corn on the cob!

Have seen people bake it in the husk and then it slides out easily, but I'm a creature of habit to cook things the way my mom did, for the most part.


Boil it with water and milk, cream, or buttermilk (whichever) or grill it in husk.

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