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POLL Humans just complain instead of actually taking a step to save their life.

I think someone should have popped her right in the nose/mouth and physically thrown her out of the store.

I agree

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rainmanjr 8 Sep 9

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I voted "pop her on the nose," but only because there were only two choices. I am opposed to any shoppers getting involved and possibly charged with assault. That would be grotesquely spun for the anti-maskers to make her into some martyr/hero.

Store security should have forcibly taken her shopping cart, not allowed her to purchase anything, and physically removed her from the store; if she attacked anyone, then tied her up and called the police.

I was feeling frustrated, this morning. You have the better course of action.


Or buy her a piece of cutlery.


The question is too ambiguous to qualify.....

Some ambiguity is necessary here. Peace and Love is a mantra, not an order, and it stops when actual lives will be lost. At that point the ambiguity ends, in my view, and the collective good should be administered with sorrow and regret for the futility of human rights. Maybe we'll do better if we survive?

@rainmanjr I still don't get your point...

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