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You heard the man...

skado 9 Sep 16

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What's one to do if you don't care to indulge in eating corn???


You have to speak and spell the way people talk in that region to get the point across. That's sometimes the best way to communicate.

We have a gal here on Kauai who is getting her point across by saying "Brah, be akamai" and "As soon as you might be exposed, isolate your damn self!” She uses a lot of local terminology and expressions to be able to get her point across to her intended audience.



Last night, a younger customer showed me a text message that had the word 'enligthen' in it. He asked me how to pronounce it, and what it meant... Sometimes I am sorry I forget to bring a hammer to work.


In some states, if you were to corn teen yourself in public, you could get arrested. 😂

That sounds familiar. Hmmmmm…


American public education…sigh.

Don’t you mean “Amurican” public education? 😉
“Amuricans can be recognized by a trucker hat, sleaveless teeshirt, raging hard-ons when in the presence of nice cars, and still finding the phrase Git-r-done Hi-frickin'-larious.”
—Urban Dictionary

An oxymoron at it's best. I've known a number of people from around the world that were better ejumicated.


Because corn teening yourself in public could get you arrested.

I thought that only happened if you corn teened somebody else.


That usually makes me feel better...

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