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I do feel sorry for her…or for anyone who never gets to experience that all consuming “can’t wait to rip your clothes off and devour your flesh “ passion between two people who are deeply in love both physically and mentally…married or unmarried. Ideally that chemical reaction happens between you the one you get to marry. Although that all consuming passion will inevitably wane, it can be replaced by an enduring contentment, respect, and mutual love of each other for life, if you are lucky.


I bet that bitch has been married more than once. If, she believes that bs.


Well, at the risk of being perceived as a contrarian, she’s actually right. The institution of marriage was originally financial, if not political in nature. Religion later appropriated the institution and tried to “sanctify” it.

Marriage was never about erotic love. The lovers in The Song of Solomon were not married. And romantic love is a more recent invention, not necessarily associated with marriage either.

You stole my answer. I'm not going to get bothered by this "news" item but you stole my answer.


Mail-order brides & arranged marriages have always existed....but are/were they ever a good thing?

I guess they work if you have no expectations for your life. Considering the shit job I did picking my own wives, it might not be much worse.


She come from one of those Christian arranged marriage groups? I think I met this woman.

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