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Jeffco public health director spars with Christian school attorneys in court over mask mandate Source: The Denver Post:

"Attorneys for three small Christian schools faced off with Jefferson County Public Health’s executive director Tuesday during a daylong hearing in which the county health department sought to force the schools to follow its COVID-19 mask mandate for students.

The health department sought a judge’s order last week after the agency found that three schools were not properly enforcing mask mandates in their classrooms, according to court filings. The schools objected, saying both that they were following the county’s guidance — which they argued was issued late, lacked legal authority and changed over time — and that the county’s public health order was unconstitutional, among other arguments, Shelly Bradbury reports."

Photo caption: "Parents of kids in the Jeffo Public Schools district gather on Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021 outside county public health headquarters in Lakewood to protest mandatory masking for students ages 3-11. On Monday, Jefferson County Schools announced it was expanding its mask order to all students." (RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post)

MyTVC15 7 Sep 22

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I saw something today regarding masks, I didn't quite catch it, but it was worded strongly, the part I did see. I wish I had seen it more clearly.

What is data telling us about the effectivenesd of masks in school right now? Do we have MORE cases than last year or LESS? How does this relate to mask wearing? Our health agencies should have data on this. Where is it?

Additionally, I heard something very disturbing on the issue of mask wearing said by a school official in the state regarding an event that had occurred. He then went on to make a very perceptive observation about society as of late, the statement showing we are not in a good place in general right now.




Who would ever imagine that American's would be protesting to demand they be allowed to kill their children.

So many things have happened in the last few years that I could never imagine would happen in this country that I lost count of them all.

@MyTVC15 Yeah, it's like Covid ripped off a bandage to reveal a maggot infested wound.

@Druvius I'm struggling right now to get proper care for a health matter and the anti-vaxers are making that pretty hard. They stage their protests right across the street from the hospital so I have to see them every time I am there getting minimal care. Covid definitely unveiled a lot of problems with medical care.


When one sees a crowd of parents who are unfit to be parents, what is one supposed to do? How does someone place their loyalty to politics ahead of their children's safety? It takes your breath away...

As a teacher, I would like to know that answer to that question.


The county’s public health guidance changed over time? But their church’s interpretation of their “holy” scriptures hasn’t?


Let em die.

We are talking about children, just saying.

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