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Slept in my Foreigner T-shirt; woke up cold as ice.

Keep it going....

Tinocca 7 Sep 24

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I went to sleep in my System of a Down t-shit and woke up eating Chop Suey.
I wonder what I would do if I went to sleep in a t-shirt from []. I would probably just woke up screaming Hello. I have so many merchandise t-shirts in my collection that it would take the whole day inventing a pun for each one of them. I have some from ACDC, the Doors, the Eagles, the Beatles, and even one from Blackmore’s Night. I plan to create a large collection of merch t-shirts and then sell them for a lot of money. I’m already close to it because some of the t-shirts in my collection can be sold for more than $200.


I slept in my Beatles t-shirt and woke up The Night Before! That was pretty fucking weird.


I slept in my Right Said Fred shirt and woke up too sexy for it.

Did it hurt?

@Tinocca Yes. Do you have one, too? It's like they're made of burlap — very irritating to the skin. 😜


Fell asleep in a Grateful Dead t-shirt and woke
up to find out that I am the eyes of the world.



Went to bed in my Montrose T-shirt and woke up hot, sweet and sticky (like Rock Candy) on my Bad Motor Scooter!

Sounds like you had a crazy night! Lol


. . . went to sleep in my John Prine t-shirt

. . . and you may see me tonight with an illegal smile 🙂

You don’t even wait to wake up! Nice.


I went to sleep in my Arlo Guthrie t-shirt and woke up in Alice's Restaurant.

I went to sleep in my Bob Dylan t-shirt and work up knockin' on heaven's door.

I went to sleep again in my Bob Dylan t-shirt and work tangled in blue.

I could go on, but I'll stop there.


Slept in my grateful dead t shirt..... Woke up hungry.. I dont know why

Did you find yourself truckin' up to Buffalo, as well?


I went to sleep in my Van Halen T-shirt, and woke up Runnin' With the Devil.


Guess you are “Hot Blooded!” 😂

Depends if I had the fan on or not.

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