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LINK US woman shocked after being ‘charged $11 for crying during surgery’ | indy100

God Bless America. It isn't even free to cry anymore.



SeaGreenEyez 9 Oct 1

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In all fairness it was discounted to $2.20. Of course that's still $2.20 more than is reasonable.

🀣🀣🀣. Exactly what I thought!

I don't do well with criers. I think I might try charging $2.20 the next time I am forced into that awkward space (for me) that can require hugging or an arm around the shoulder for those who are tearful - prone. 😜😜😜


Ohferpetessake, this needs looking into just a tad more before posting!

Here ya go.


@SeaGreenEyez so it was actually $2.20, about what you pay for kleenex if hospitalized, if you're lucky (see pic of tbe actual bill in the article).
And seruously, IMO if she's crying at a wart removal, she actually Needs psych evaluation...just think if she had an ingrown toenail!


Un fucking believable


This is bullshit fake news as the patient later admitted that the $11 charge had nothing to do with shedding tears, but was for a routine annual examination and "brief emotion" actually referred to a behavioral assessment that was "basically 10 or less questions about mental health."

Just because you're reading between the lines doesn't make it bullshit. They did their little 10 question suicide survey because she was crying.

Frankly, I think she must be a bit overreactant by nature, but some people cry. I guess a mile removal was a scary thing to her. πŸ™„

@SeaGreenEyez I didn’t intend to appear insensitive but upon rereading my post it seems I might’ve been. My apologies.


I could maybe believe this if I saw it in "The Onion"....but this is stunning. Wonder what her insurance company said?

There are more and more β€œOnions” out there, unfortunately!



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