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LINK 9 Discontinued Canned Foods You'll Never See Again

Say it isn't so!!! 😒

Progresso makes the only edible Minestroni In a can. 😀

SeaGreenEyez 9 Oct 1

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I'm with you regarding the minestrone. Hopefully it isn't one of the 40 flavors they cut.

As for the pumpkin spice flavored Spam, it's difficult to imagine anything that would qualify as more of an abomination.

I won't miss the Trader Joe's Vegetable Chili. It was not that good, and too watery. The Trader Joe's Black Bean Chili it replaced was much better. Hopefully they will bring the Black Bean Chili back. If not, I can make my own (recipe available on request). It's just that theirs was almost as good as mine, and a lot more convenient.

I haven't eaten canned food in at least a decade, other than Campbell's chicken noodle when the occasional tummy air happens. Saltiness and that work for me when nothing else will.

My one fast food go-to is Wendy's Chili. I did, however, find their recipe online. It would be impossible to duplicate (for me) because they use their grilled burger that doesn't go out as burgers, for the meat. I really didn't believe it was made in-house until I saw that recipe. πŸ€”


Canned soup is mostly a starter for a larger recipe for me.


I have heard of most of those items and did often buy the TJ's vege. Chili. I wondered why I could no longer find it. Still, like the report said, Amy's still stock that item in several varieties and it is a favorite of mine (when I do go to canned foods which is not often). I actually have a spaghetti sauce recipe that calls for vege. chili. Wonder why TJ's discontinued it. They do that sometimes.


I hope Progresso kept Italian Wedding, Lemon Orzo.. they're the closest to homemade I've tasted..
Or Hormel Deviled a kid I thought it was the ultimate in's now cheaper than Campbell's condensed soups..


I would never buy any of those, anyway, so good riddance to rubbish.


Most won't be missed


Progresso was a respectable product, but Chef Boyardee and Franco American are disgusting… may as well eat Swansons TV dinners! 🀒


Never ate the items mentioned so I'll Not miss them.


As a single mother who worked at least one/sometimes two jobs....back in the day, my daughter thought that the canned mac & cheese was HOT STUFF. I'd add vegetables into it and it worked. Obviously's out of the question but people had different standards in the 60s.


Does anyone else remember canned turtle soup and canned mock turtle soup? They β€œwent away” about seventy years ago.

YES...and my stomach's roiling!


ICK and YUCK. I cook at home from scratch.

No wonder I'm popular with man-children who never learned to cook. Shoo!
I refuse to be a kitchen slave.


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