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Is it me or does it strike anyone else as insane that the very people who vandalized Auschwitz spray painting anti-semitic oaths and proclaiming the holocaust did not take place wonder where the very place they were vandalizing came from and what went on there. I visited Dachau as a 20 year old and stood silently in front of the ovens for a long time. Undeniable facts- I was there, It was there. The ovens were right in my face. Auschwitz is there. These vandals were there and saw it. What about that experience was a hoax? Were they dreaming or on drugs? What kind of hate does it take to do what they did. These are the Trumpers of the world. How do you become comfortable and actually seek out such evil bullshit. Like Einstein said about WW 1, it was proof of the wretched species we belong to.


Healthydoc70 7 Oct 6

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Humanity is a failed experiment as far as I can tell. No other species on the planet destroys itself in the numbers and for the reasons humans do, and we are the "intelligent" species! I think not.

A very bleak picture, but one with a certain degree of truth. ☹️

Ain't that some shit?

@silverotter11 Yes it is


It becomes blazingly apparent that a significant portion of the population is severely mentally ill.

I have come to the same conclusion. Use to think it was just their bull shit meters needed recalibration but it's clearly not the case.


So many are young punks merely attempting to receive attention that mommy & daddy did not provide. Misguided rebellion. Not my favorite type of human. Most are males of the species flooded with testosterone & no way to relieve its grip. Get a job!

Being castrated, physically or chemically, would be a good step.

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