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From the Land of the Free and the Home of the Insane. Taking conspiracy theories to a whole new level of crazy. lol

(from truck) "The United States government murdered over 12 billion birds over the course of 1959 threw [sic] 2001. As they killed off the real birds they replaced them with surveillance drone replicas. Indistinguishable from a biological bird. There are now no real birds left."

SnowyOwl 7 Oct 7

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Wait... if this is true... then who's been shitting on my car!?!?!?

Pretty safe to say it was the devil that did it. LOL


This has to be a joke making fun of other conspiracy theories, right?


And the surveillance drones are mating and reproducing? How do they do that?

That's up to the labs, but monitoring devices have been left all over my windshield whenever I parked under a tree...

Possibly nanobots, they're in everything apparently. lol

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