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Oh, FFS!


Just more evidence of someone's inability to let go. Having excessive amount of money seems to make that even more so. Look at all the rich fools who invest in cryogenics and have themselves (or their thick skulls) frozen in hopes of returning someday (I wonder does that include all the money being frozen as well? Still, there will be plenty of fools who fall for this bogus ploy.


Nobody has come back from the afterlife with evidence in order to tell the story. That money is as nonsense imaginary as much as preparing ones whole life to go to heaven. A place of extreme happiness, which must be a nut house. Where one winner receives his $1.880,000 cheque signed by God himself. Wail he is fucking nuts, he never going to get out of that funny farm.


Fools and there money are soon parted.


At what point did Bigelow get dementia? There is no evidence.


There already IS a kind of evidence, some persuasive bordering on convincing, studies by the University of Virginia Department of Perceptual Studies researchers, Dr. Jim Tucker and Dr. Ian Stephenson, documenting over 20,000 cases of children with detailed memories of past lives.
Conclusive? No, because even if reincarnation is real, it doesn't necessarily prove an afterlife. It certainly doesn't prove the existence of 'god.' Still...
Atheists don't buy a word of any of it, of course, but I'm agnostic and free to at least consider it.
Where do I collect my money?

Kids have amazing imaginations.

@JonnaBononna Verified, documented DETAILS, like addresses, names of relatives, specific events, birthmarks and scars, etc.


Methinks dementia has crept in and stolen his wits completely.


Insane BS.
I liked the article's end - the rich have too much money, tax the rich.
Or, the statement about no credible researchers would take seriously, only those doing alien research or Joe Rogan or Aaron Rogers.


Afterlife? Yes. Energy can neither be created or destroyed (as far as we know). Consciousness is another story...

Can someone please copy and paste the article? I'm not paying a buck, nor am I disabling my ad blocker.

I'll have to read the entire article to see if it is hogwash. But if it cost him 1.8M for a little piece of mind... I have talked to God twice recently. But I was realllyyyy fucking high both times. lol

FYI, once your brain is deprived of oxygen and nutrients it DIES and so does your consciousness, END of Story, you are EXTINCT.

@Triphid A friend of mine's heart stopped for a few minutes before his pace maker kicked in. He said he asked the doctor if it could cause brain damage because swimmers hold their breath for long periods of time. The doctor told him that the difference was that their heart carried oxygen to the brain. All he remembered during that period was it "felt like I was kicked by a mule" when his pace maker kicked in. The neurons in your brain don't go away. I'm still waiting for someone to copy/paste the article before I make any more comments on to weather I think it is plausible or not.

@TheGreatShadow When I stated "deprived of oxygen and nutrients I mean deprived for much longer that a few short minutes.
Medically speaking, I one has had NO heart-beat, pulse and B.P. for anything over 4 minutes then chances are high that a certain amount of "Brai9n Death" has occurred.
IF C.P.R. is initiated within the first 40- 90 seconds of the heart ceasing to beat, the chances of " Brain Death" are as low 3-9 % , approx. 3 chances in every 1 Hundred btw.
Brain Death usually occurs after 8-9 minutes post cessation of the heart UNLESS C.P.R. is initiated immediately, when Brain Death begins the neurones, etc, start a process of " Cascading Death," i.e. at first a few dozens/hundreds die then the numbers rise and rise exponentially until the ENTIRE brain is DEAD, completely and utterly.

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