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LINK There's new pressure to ban books at schools : NPR

Attempts to remove books from school libraries have increased, spurred by activism from conservative parent groups and resistance to teaching socially progressive ideas in schools.

(link lead to an audio podcast)

snytiger6 9 Dec 6

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Terrible times in the book world and other places. Many may not remember that Kellogg (of cereal fame) pushed circumcision as a cure for young boys whacking off. Many people fell for all of this in a very serious way.

Well circumcised men do have less sensitivity. So, I can see why Kellogg might think so, that is if he even knew. Corn Flakes were originally marketed as a way to reduce sexual desires. So, I doubt he really put much into actual research to determine the truth of his statements.


The most conservative spent the four years of Trump being stirred up and validated. Like a hornets nest that’s been poked, they are looking to sting as many targets as they can find, with their leaders holing up targets. Getting them settled down, if it can be done, is going to take a long time. This is cyclical, happens on a regular basis throughout history, and can completely destroy societies. Only history will reveal how far our trip backwards goes. Complacency encourages the most resistant more so than those who relish progress.

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