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Atheism Does't Excuse Intolerance
I have seen racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, anti-semitism etc. on this site. I really like what we're trying to do here and I want to keep it special. Please, just because we are not fans of religion does not mean we can say ANYTHING about someone's beliefs or culture.

By kmdskit38
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I've seen a couple posts/comments that seem to confirm what you have seen. Not much of them, but they are there. Whenever I offer a reasonable challenge to their views, they seem to pipe down. I'm personally not a fan of blocking people or telling them they can't say certain things- I prefer to face them, challenge them, and bring their pathetic incompetence to light. But this is not my site, so it is not my place to tell Agnostic how to deal with bigots.

I personslly take it as a sobering learning experience- there's nothing special about atheists, agnistics, non-believers, etc. They have the same potential of being as weak and stupid as religious bigots. On the same token, there are religious individuals who can be absolutely wonderful people. It is wise to judge a person by their deeds and character regardless of their religious beliefs.

Thank you. It's nice when someone shares that they can see the same things you do.

Thanks for the support with proslice!

No problem, man. I've got no problem with people voicing differing views no matter how wrong they seem to me, but him throwing insults at you was crossing the line. I figured I had to say something.


I agree that everyone has the right to their own beliefs. I do not want anyone trying to force their beliefs on me.


A comment about 'Jewish Bankers'. The usual blaming and/or banning all muslims because of the acts of a few. The misogyny has usually been called out strongly and quickly but not these other issues.

kmdskit3 Level 8 Dec 3, 2017

I've seen little if any of that behavior. Do you have some specific examples of racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, antisemitism, etc., from this site? I haven't seen every comment, but I've been pretty active and have yet to see blatant expressions of bigotry.

resserts Level 8 Dec 3, 2017

I agree. I've had one person "barf" on a comment I made a few weeks ago about transgenders. If he had done that in real life I would have probably punched him in the face. I understand that a lot of people my age and older have some issues with that subject, but keep it off my comments.

kiramea Level 7 Dec 3, 2017

I agree wholeheartedly with you that we should all reject racism, ethnocentrism, racial superiority or any such thing -- and fight against it with vigor. But, I will always retain the right -- and obligation -- to criticize any culture -- including my own -- when there is evidence that the culture is destructive to human dignity and well-being.


I agree whole heartedly. I'm an all inclusive liberal regarding race, religion, sexual orientation and disability and its been difficult to meet men who have the same beliefs/values. One of the reasons I joined this site. Willing to relocate for happiness.


At what point do you decide free speech that challenges bad beliefs and cultures is unacceptable?
I haven't seen any racism on this site. What I have noticed are regressive SJW's interjecting their particular brand victimhood and virtue signaling as though there is some mystical magical mechanism that reduces the same rights and freedoms for POC or women. There isn't, except in the minds of self-absorbed self-proclaimed victims. There is no such word as "Islamophobia." A phobia is an unjustified fear of something like Homophobia and yet in certain circumstances, it can very well be warranted.

You say SJW as a pejorative term. Everyone should fight for social justice because we definitely need more of it. You seem to be saying that people of color and women of all colors do not have a different and more restrictive experience than you or I. So if they fight for the same rights and access to power you and I assume we should have they are claiming victimhood? You said some fears are warranted? So you are saying a fear of muslims is warranted. Trying to ban all muslims from entering our country or simply blaming all muslims for the actions of terrorists is an irrational fear of islam so yes islamophobia is a 'real' word. Oh and by the way, the terrorists WANT everyone to associate their acts of terror with islam so that this will become a religious war instead of a war about poverty, political corruption and repressive governments. Your entire post is a perfect justification for my original post.

( in response to this idiot.... kmdskit3 )
It didn't take too long for a white guilt SJW to poke its head out. What is it you think you're defending now? Your mindset is the reason POC think they are persecuted. The more you excuse bad behavior and antisocial culture the more you think you're doing something worthwhile. In fact what you are doing is excusing socially destructive behavior in order to make you feel less guilty. You do a disservice to the human race as you diminish the dignity of POC. How is it you think the color of a persons skin excuses them from holding up to the same standard you think whites are supposed to uphold? You are the reason I wrote a response you frigging racist. It's ok to be white!

Racism still exists in this country, I think that's pretty clear. It's here in a lesser degree than it used to be, but the only reason it's to a lesser degree is because of people like kmdskit3. People who advocate for the acceptance of everyone and who have the guts to stand up for what's right. And if we let up on doing things like that, racism will come back and it'll come back hard.

You talk about POC behaving badly, and engaging in antisocial behavior. Talk about painting with a broad brush. There are hundreds and thousands of POC living in this country, each from very different households, backgrounds, and cultures. You telling me that you know enough out of all those POC to conclude that they're any worse than white people? You've done a thorough case study on a large, random sample on POC and whites and you've found overwhelming evidence that POC are screwing themselves over? Call me skeptic, but I doubt that. I've met asshole POC, I've met nice POC. I've met asshole white people, I've met nice white people. Some people are just assholes. Period. Race, religion, sex, ethnicity...that shit has nothing to do with it.

And Islamaphobia is definitely legit. There's a big difference between saying that you fear Muslims who are proven to be terrorists, and saying that you fear all Muslims. The latter is Islamaphobia.

Oh, and a word of advice- don't call people idiots. If you dish shit out you gotta be able to take it. And I have a feeling that little Mr. ProSlice the keyboard warrior ain't strong enough to take shit.

Not going to say anything more to you after this because I don't think it's going to get through and I have too many other things I'd rather spend my energy on. I am proud of my German and Swedish ancestry not the color of my skin. Color based distinctions to define 'race' (also an inaccurate concept) were an attempt to understand our world by people who didn't know any better. Just like trying to understand the world by saying that some omnipotent power(s) in the sky is behind everything. Science has shown that all this god stuff is inaccurate as most of the people on this site would agree. Just as describing you and me as members of the white race is based on ignorance. If we face up to the historical wrongs done in the name of racial superiority doesn't mean I'm suffering from 'white guilt'. It means I'm trying to acknowledge the truth of our shared past and how the past is always part of the present. Don't know where you got me excusing bad behavior by others. There are verifiable facts that 'people of color' don't do as well in this country whether economically, politically, academically or even with health outcomes. This is not just lack of personal responsibility this is systemic. If you are incapable of seeing or even imagining that folks that don't look like me or you have it harder nothing I say is going to get through to you. Oh, and I didn't say you were racist but since you brought it up... If I HAD called you racist then you say I am racist? That's the best you got; "I know you are but what am I?" Not much of an argument.

To ShadowRaptor
Whatever. Making excuses for the racism that comes from the black community is just as bad a being the racist you purport to admonish. Excusing racist hate speech in order to justify your inner fear is called virtue signaling.
As for numbnuts SJW kmdskit3 There is nothing to argue about as you don't don't have a viable argument to make. You are a racist, own it. When you make excuses and fabricate nonexisting racism you are inciting racism. You're too intellectually lacking to actually understand that. It's ok to be white. Embrace your race instead of insulting your intelligence.


Agreed, except under certain circumstances.
For example, I think I would have huge issues telling a Neo-Nazi they have the right to act out on their beliefs.

MrLizard Level 8 Dec 3, 2017
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