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The Red Pill Movement is a movement in the same way a bowel movement is a movement.

Toonman 6 Dec 17

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it is not a movement

it is a philosophy

it is biology

the red pill saves mens lives

The red pill is a laxative.

After you take it, nothing but shit comes out.

For you, turd blossom.

It's philosophy in the same way Grape Kool-aid is a fine Bordeaux.

If it's biology, you're going to have to source that motherfucker.

If a man had a life he'd ignore the red pill.


It was a great movie, made many relevant points.

What's your point?

twill Level 7 Dec 18, 2021

My point has nothing to do with the Matrix.

My point has to do with a real thing that exists in the real world.

Here in the real world, the Red Pill Movement is a Men's Rights group made up of incels who believe they've taken "the red pill" and supposedly now see women how they really are.

Like all incels, they don't understand women at all, and what's worse, don't understand men at all.

Secondly, the Matrix is not a great movie. It's a great-looking movie that successfully tricks an audience into thinking it makes relevant points. It's really just magical thinking with guns and Kung fu dressed up in fetish clothes.

@Toonman Also made up of men who can't see their children

@twill Or men so inept, so malleable, so conned, and entitled they'll never get close enough to a woman to make a child.

@Toonman The movie I posted about was The Red Pill, not the Matrix. Sorry for the confusion

@twill Ah.

@Toonman has absolutely nothing to do with incels

red pill aware men have more power than any wet box has


Red Pill men are incels, and this is all the power you've given yourself.


Certainly there are problems between the sexes, but these Incels have no clue.


Gaslighting by any other name still stinks. “Mens’ Rights”? More like whiney little boys who are afraid they can’t be first in line anymore.

And so gaslighted by other incels they learn to gaslight themselves.

A common trope among incels is, "Females don't like because I'm a nice guy."

Nice guys don't think things about women that that they do.

They don't see women as people. They just see women as torsos.

@Toonman I have chatted with a lot of men and women about the dating and mating games, and heard from both genders that they often feel they get passed up in the games because they are too much of a "nice guy/nice gal", when the reality seems to be that both genders are still very much hung up or focused on looks and money/status, etc. as far as women's focus, and on looks regarding men's focus. And thus it has always been, probably based on primitive instincts and motivations. Incels have not added anything new to change those mindsets with either of the genders, so, as racocn8 noted above, problems between the sexes will always exist.

The cold, hard reality for either gender that keeps getting passed up in the competition of the games, is that they are lacking in the things the other gender is looking for in a dating or life partner, and until they improve their competitive status in those areas, they will continue to get passed over. Such is life.


False equivalency is for assholes.

@Toonman How am I making a false equivalency or being an asshole with my comment?


The Red Pill Movement isn't about the differences between the sexes.

It's about how a certain kind of man thinks himself entitled to thing to which he isnt, doesn't understand how his lack of understanding of himself or of the world keeps him alienated from women and blames his alienation on women rather than himself.

The false equivalency comes from assuming that women are the same as men in this regard. They're not. Men, especially men in the manosphere, do not experience marginalization or oppression systemically, but rather only through what they bring on themselves through their sad worldview.

Only an asshole buys into this horseshit and rationalizes it the way you seem to be doing.

Only an asshole would create Schroedinger's sex struggle--men and women are different but experience things the same way.

@Toonman Call me whatever you like, as if I care. I see no false equivalency in simply pointing out that in the dating game, which is actually very competitive, whether people choose to recognize that or not, having the qualities that are generally being sought by the other sex is crucial to being chosen by the other sex and succeeding in finding a partner. Women and men are much the same in how they approach the dating and mating game, in general. The only differences I see is that men are focused mainly on looks in choosing a partner, while women are mainly focused on looks and money/status. The other difference is that women, in general, are more open than men are to choosing a partner that is not conventionally good looking. I'm done with you and if you choose to continue criticizing me, I will block you.

I never said that women are the same as men in the ways you are saying, as far as alienation, sense of entitlement, lack of understanding of themselves, blaming others instead of themselves, altho I will tell you, I have met plenty of divorced women from Match who seem to blame everyone but themselves, as in the men they chose, for their relationships failing. I also never denied that women as a group or class have been oppressed. You assume an awful lot about me that I never said here on this thread. Maybe you are the asshole, not me, in doing so.


Wow. I never knew the human vessel could contain so much feces.

It's false equivalency whether you think so or not.

Men and women are not the same when it comes to dating.

And you make a lot of other generalizations that, like that one, that you don't support with evidence.

You still miss my point. As I said before, we're not talking about "the dating game."

We're talking about a group of people who can't even enter the dating game because of their toxic ideas.

I find it interesting, however, that you think I was saying YOU were not thinking women are marginalized and oppressed.

I was talking about incels in general.

I find it amusing that you took it personally.

Who'd do that?

An incel.

And you're still an asshole whether I say so or not.

I may as well say so.

I doubt very much that you're done with me, and I can't wait for your next reply.

If you are, you make it sound as if I should care.

Great. If you are done with me, you can get back to attempting fellatio on yourself or whatever it is incels do when not blaming women for your social ineptitude.

Whew! And they say women are catty.


Seriously, fuck that guy.

The only thing worse than an incel is an incel apologist.

@Toonman oh, I’m on your side, all the way.


If the incels are right, and women would prefer an asshole to a nice guy, then my dance card would be nothing but full.

@Toonman sorry, they are 100% wrong.


That red pill keeps me regular! 😂

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