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Are you out?

How many people here are open about their atheism with their co-workers?

meta4me 4 Apr 22

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I'm out with family and friends and acquaintances/randos.

At work I don't discuss religion or politics. I mostly followed the same policy when I was religious, too. I figure whatever I do or don't believe, talking about it just opens up the potential to be discriminated against if someone disagrees with me.

On the other hand, I went to a religious college, so who knows what people assume by seeing my resume. 😟 (At least it was only undergrad.)


If someone asks I won’t lie about it. I am openly atheist but I don’t go around telling everyone about it at work. If someone starts to talk religion or politics with me at work I let them know real quick that I don’t believe that either has any place in the work force and I leave it at that.

Phin Level 6 Apr 23, 2018

With some, but not all.


I am open with everyone.

Me Too and have taken a lot damage and hate for it.

@ColdFax I lost a job over it.
I haven't gotten hate, though. More confusion and misunderstanding.


Retired for 6 years-last company I was with had Christian values in their company mission - I was quiet about it.

Oh boy, I bet your eyebrows got tired.


It's not a big deal in my neck of the woods.



It’s amazing that not being delusional is something that you would have to come out about when really you should be afraid to tell people you’re religious.


Of course. I would be hard pushed to find a religious person in university. I think its almost the opposite, religious people are closeted

That must be nice.


It's not relevant to bring up in most converstation. I don't "Good morning, how are you? I'm an atheist." Most people don't go about discussing religion at work, so it doesn't come up for me. People who really know me know.

jeffy Level 7 Apr 22, 2018

I try to avoid the subject at work but yea, I've made it pretty clear where I stand on religion.
I've had the opportunity to speak with several people that told me personally that they're atheist as well.


Yes. Came out as atheist and bisexual at the same time. Figured I might as well, since my evangelical family were going to go off about god/Bible anyway. It mystifies them that I don’t believe; they just can’t conceive of it.
I just registered that you said ‘co-workers’. I’m retired, so it’s family and friends. All my friends know/knew.


Not at work, no. Most everywhere else it's sort of an "open secret", but I'm seldom asked about it (I don't live in the Bible Belt).

My sole client is a different story, it's run by a conservative Catholic and there's a fundamentalist who is nominally in charge of their subsidiary so I'm not interested in finding out if they can handle my real feelings. Besides it's TMI and it'd be unprofessional for me to bring it up (at least as unprofessional as the fundie introducing himself as a "man of god" when we acquired his company).


Yes, I am. as are 5 of my 7 children. 8 of my 10 grandchildren are being raised religion free.

Nice! My son became an atheist before I did, and he is raising his son as a nonbeliever too.


I'm just open about it. fuck hiding though I don't try and push my beliefs either.


I'm retired, but I'm out to family and friends. I'm in California's Bible Belt, so my risk isn't as great as the risk to those in other areas.

California has a Bible Belt? I thought that was just here in the South. More churches than people here in NC.

@CarolinaGirl60 we sure do. The Central Valley is very conservative and religious. Turlock once had the distinction of having the most churches per capita (or something similar).


I've never been in.

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