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"Whether you're Muslim, whether you're Christian, whether you're Jewish, everybody loves Christmas."

---Donald Trump

Dyl1983 8 Dec 19

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Donald Trump is a shitstain on American society. The sooner he excuses himself from the world the better for everybody.

He should seriously consider becoming a Trappist monk.

Like that'll happen...

@Dyl1983 The ancient man dressed in black and carrying a rusty and chipped scythe is the only thing that will shut him up.


You're talking about a being that has no self awareness.
Beings with no self awareness always say stupid shit because if you aren't interested in your own mind enough to be aware of yourself you certainly aren't interested enough to be aware of anything else.
Donald is the most boring person on Earth, like all mobsters and crime bosses.
Just a character from central casting.

Well said, central casting, just some bozo who showed up or just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Maybe Donald Trump has too much self awareness.


When you know someone that isn't intelligent enough to use words and stands in public telling everyone about his "good brain", while claiming to be a "stable genius", a better military man than his generals without serving a day in the military, claims to have a family member that's a genius level doctor and that he could have been a doctor because he's so good at it, claims to be richer than God while struggling to pay off his loans after going bankrupt over a half dozen times, you aren't self aware.

When a leader trust his advisers and respects their expertise then you have a leader, that is the furthest anyone can get from acting like this dumb shit pretender Trump.

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