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Nothing about fear.

redbai 8 Dec 31

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The best thing about death is that I won't see and I won't care what happens to humanity!


Looks like everything. ot everyone would be extinct and burned up.

Roughly 5 billion years from now, the Sun will exhaust the hydrogen fuel in its core and start burning helium, forcing its transition into a red giant star. During this shift, its atmosphere will expand out to somewhere around 1 astronomical unit — the current average Earth-Sun distance.


Word Level 8 Jan 1, 2022

Assuming that humanity only exists on earth.


The answer's in the question.


Last night I dreamt that a nuclear warhead landed just beyond the horizon and I was left to try and figure a way out of this no win scenario. Life is a no win scenario, in the end we all die but how we live between birth and death makes all the difference. This is something that god botherers who spend their life on their knees praying for salvation that will never come do not seem to understand.


It bugs me that one day I'll die and I won't be able to read the stack of books on my nightstand.


Since humanity really hasn't changed in thousands of years of recorded history, you are not likely to miss a thing.

I thought that 30 years ago and now I can hold a computer in my hand and share knowledge and my thoughts with people all over the world. As a child this didn't even occur to me and now it's a everyday experience. Might you be underestimating the possibilities of humanity.

@redbai Don't confuse technological progress with human behavior. That is a dangerous mistake. We just have more efficient ways to kill, maim, steal, and generally fuck each other over. We have become way more deadly in our ability in destroying our environment. We have very different ideas of human progress. Wake the fuck up.

@Sticks48 What a load of BS. So what if we've found more efficient ways to kill, we've also found more efficient was of communicating and interacting with people who find that efficiency disgusting and discuss everyday on how to curb it. I disagree that we've found more ways to "maim, steal and generally fuck each other over" as there has never been a limit in the ways that humans could fuck over humans or any other lifeform on the planet.

You go ahead and keep believing that humanity is on some self-destructive course and I'll keep on believing your wrong because neither one of us will probably ever know if we're right.

@redbai You can ignore facts if you wish. I could not care less. Truth is truth. You have shown me nothing to disprove thousands of years of human behavior. A smart phone and cable TV are piss poor examples of human progress in the way we treat each other. At one time you could have said the same thing about electricity and indoor plumbing, and then came WWI & WWII. Geez!

@Sticks48 Oops. Didn't know I was speaking to a person who believes themselves the arbiter of truth and the ability to define facts in a future that hasn't occurred. Either that or you're full of negative shit and feel a need to share it.

@redbai I give you facts about the past and the present, and, you give me some Pollyanna bullshit. You go ahead and kling to that little Disney World you live in. Please say hi to Mickey and Minnie for me. 🙃

@Sticks48 You presented facts? Please differentiate them from the whining I'm reading about the your world. I tried and it still reads like someone crying about your personal world view.

@redbai I am not whinning about anything. I accept the state of humanity for what it is and always has been. Maybe it will change, but given our track record, l just don't see it. You just seem to want to argue with no facts based our history or present to back it up. A better phone does not change who we are, only a more efficient way to communicate.You are right about one thing. if or when it does change, we will be long, long gone.

@Sticks48 So you can't differentiate the "facts" you claim to have put forth from the whining? Didn't think so. The idea that better communication doesn't equate to a better world is simply ignorant.

Again, where are the facts that you claim to have presented that supposedly mitigates my perspective to "Pollyana bullshit"?

@redbai How has better communicatiln made it better? Before social media all of those ignorant, redneck, racist, pin headed, morons spread out far and wide in this country and the world had no way to really communicate with each other in large numbers, and now they can. They can now feed each other their irrational fears and conspiracy theirs in mass. They can also organize and create the crap they do.There are trade offs with most things in life and this is one of them. While technology has brought us amazing things, it hasn't made the human race any less violent, self-serving, or respectful of each other. If you can show me how it has l love to hear it.

@Sticks48 Sooooooo, no facts yet, just your low opinion of humanity.

@redbai Wars, racism, religious persecution, a fucked up justice system.What the fuck do you want. Those are facts. You are the one who hasn't given me one fucking fact other than we can build neat things. I think you just want to argue. We are done. You will be blocked. I have no tolerance for stupid. Happy New Year!

@Sticks48 Peace marches, more and more people recognizing that systemic racism is occurring and has to be addressed, less and less people identifying with any religious affiliations. Those are facts and I didn't have to provide any because I have made no assertion.

Nice to know that when you can't back up your arguments your response is to run away. It fits the personality that seemed evident in your responses.

@redbai That shit has been going on since l was in my twenties and very little has changed. So you have no idea what is going on. Adios.

@Sticks48 Guess what genius, the fact that they are now being done demonstrates a positive change in humanity's paradigm. There was slavery based on race in America and now open racism is publicly scorned and considered a deviant personality trait by most intelligent people. When I was a child the Catholic Church was one of the most powerful organizations on the planet and is now associated with child rape and slavery. When I was a kid Hoover openly used the power of the government to oppress black people now the DOJ investigates police departments for their racist behavior patterns.

But yeah, you go ahead and make the myopic assumption that if it doesn't change in your lifetime it could never happen. It makes no sense whatsoever but this is a free country and you can say and think whatever you want.


Yea, death brings no experience of closure to any issue.
Some things will always be unresolved.


I don't think I want to know. It won't be pretty. Another failed species on a failed planet; a species that could have been, but didn't because it couldn't outgrow its species childhood.

I have a more positive perspective. I know humanity will go through tremendous catastrophe, possibly destroy large populations because of our stupidity and greed, but I also believe that humanity is intelligent enough to survive and live for a few hundred thousand years afterward. We may have to give up the technologies we've developed, but that doesn't mean that new ones can't be developed to keep growing in the right direction.

@redbai hope you are right.



skado Level 9 Dec 31, 2021
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