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LINK - Free at-home COVID-19 tests

The free government supplied COVID rapid test site went live today -- go place an order if you need some. Four per address - ships late January.

This is NOT a political post -- just wanted people to know it seems to be live....

Ohub 7 Jan 18

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I ordered mine this afternoon. I will be curious if my neighbors with same address but different apartment number will be able to get their order in. If not, I'm happy to share mine, if they end up needing one before I do .

I love this idea, so that if I get to feeling weird, I won't have to gum up our (free) county testing site, to see if I'm contagious or not. I'm happy to do the ethical thing and be sure I'm not positive before joining closely with others.


And I got it done!


One of my kids just texted the link to me, and I had saved the site earlier. I will take this as a message to get it done!


. . . very quick and easy to make my order. 🙂

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