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LINK Pope Francis says parents should support gay children, not condemn them

Pope Francis had a progressive message Wednesday for parents: Support gay children.

In speaking about how parents should always stand by their children during difficult times, including illness or accidents, the pope said parents should also accompany "children with different sexual orientations."

"Never condemn your children," he said.

snytiger6 9 Jan 26

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It’s funny how the Catholic Church is running out of recruitments and scraping the bottom of the barrel


Chief pedophile has spoken…


Leave the condemnation and rejection of LGBTQ folks to the church .... where it belongs?? (Sarcasm)


Hmm! I wonder what momentarily disturbed his dogmatic slumbers....


I don't need no stinking pope to tell me how to treat my children.

The pope knows best even though he doesn’t have any kids of his own but sheep


Besides, we like ‘em young and gay…


Just condemn the clergy for their insane stances and pedophilia.


The pope is rocking the boat. So now he is in support of gay children, when will he support trans children.


So the Protector of Paedophile Employees is now going AGAINST the teachings, etc, of the Church he is the Head of?
Sounds a on the sus side to me, perhaps the degenerate old Turd is starting show sign of dementia or is it that the great and voluminous COFFERS of the Church are becoming more and more depleted hence he is seeking more ways to replenish them.

Your cynicism is showing.

@anglophone You do not know how happy that now makes me.


As @CuddyCruiser and @KKGator already pointed out, he talks a good game. Je has great PR, but he hasn't changed anything as Poop to really be meaningful.


Frankie goes to Hollywood, eh? Took him long enough.


This guy blew his credibility long ago. Just an actor.


Frankie talks a good game, sometimes.
However, it sure would be better if he flat out told his flock that there isn't a bloody thing wrong with any type of sexuality.
Better still, go after all the sexual predators within his church.
That includes all the nuns, too.


At least some religious people are more open minded than others. I know 2 who very closed minded.


Well obviously. Because Catholics don't believe in condoms...

OHHHH...condemn... I just saw the words "Catholics" and "sexual" and automatically assumed the worst...

LOl, with the Catolickers ( Catholics) there are 2 distinct sexual positions,
Position 1, being the Missionary position to be used by husband and wife, and,
Position 2, the MINISTERY position to be used ONLY when the visiting Minister is expecting more than Tea and biscuits and the husband is not at home.

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