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Are we really playing god when we are trying to fix genetic problems

Should we just embrace gene editing in humans?

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Danny9 4 Jan 28

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Ever seen the movie GATTACA?


Yes, though with caution.


I want a bigger Johnson! CRISPR to the rescue

Are we brothers? There’s a catch by enhancing other parts of your body you’ll lose IQ percentage. Would you take it?


It is going to happen. People will do things just because they can without ever really wondering if they really should.

I do think gene editing should be regulated, studied and modification procedures should have to be approved by an ethics panel. However, it should move forward in science. Just carefully.

I may be biased though, as I myself have a rare genetic mutation (Stargardt's Disease) which caused partial blindness. Also in my family there is a predisposition for diabetes.

It is a lot easier to be against gene editing when you have not suffered or are not at risk from genetic anomalies.

That was a deep agreeable response. Hopefully gene editing will be right around the corner to the public


Voted "yes" because repression of technology has hardly ever managed to do anything but distort it.....sure, if theres a way to abuse it, it will be...but it seems to me that repression only means the good of it is held back.


So why the no votes?

Lack of trust for the elites, who will inevitably decide which genes to propagate.

@PBuck0145 seems to me that repression only insures that the "elites" have control.

I think the best thing to do is have underground labs so the public can be a part of it

What's needed and exists in some realms of science already, is an academic organization that works with the public to understand science.


The video show the positives but not the potential negatives. It will be interesting to find out what they will be. Until then I'm neither yeah or nay.

Betty Level 7 Jan 28, 2022

Why not gene therapy? I'm not so sure that this is playing god. Without using it we remain medically in the dark ages.

I also agree. Why have a technology that’s beneficial to our society and lock it up


Does no good to fight or fret. Just do it and hope we can combat what evil stems from the ability.

Imagine if we change a part of our dna that isn’t noticeably detectable like having more of a psychopathic tendency. “Normal people”would have such a disadvantage in society

@Danny9 Nobody's "normal" now. That's the thing which takes longest to learn. We're all disadvantaged but at various stages of it.


You can't put a lid on technology anyway, if you do try, the worlds crime syndicates just make big profits and only the rich and criminal get the benefits.

Sadly this is very true. I saw a documentary talking about bio hacking and the individuals got thrown in jail for practicing medicine without a license. In reality they didn’t want them to have the upper hand


Interesting video. Looks like this is the way to help eliminate diseases.


Doesn't matter...those so inclined will use it regardless. Only thing slowing its progress is cost. Until you can buy it like viagra it's a rich person's tool to design their kids.

Hopefully in a couple of years. All you need is a Costco membership to get that designer baby bundle lol

@Danny9 Hopefully in a few years people will realize they should stop having children.


Excellent video! The way to go..🙂



I don't care one way or the other... but IF republicans don't want it done, I'm completely for it.

And vice-versa.

To narrow your mind down so much is baffling to me. Even more so knowing you're not even an American. Dedicating yourself against an opponent that isn't even a party in your own country. You defy all logic

@Tejas I think you need to edit your know, the part where it says
"... not sensitive to feelings"???

@Paganlyl I think it's fine, it means I'm not sensitive to others feelings.


I'm 100% on board. Nice video by the way.

Thanks man glad that you in joyed it👍


I'm all for it

Tejas Level 7 Jan 28, 2022

Sure I wouldn’t mind having a kid that’s immune to cancer

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