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LINK Is Christianity Dangerous? (Inspiring Philosophy Vs Holy Koolaid)

This was my first-ever in-person debate. Let me know what you think.

holykoolaid 5 Jan 28

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Well, Christians are, in any event.


I caught an interesting rhetorical remark "atheism can be dangerous ".

Atheist and agnostic Jim Jones is known for waving a bible, quoting Marx to "use religion to get people out of the opiate of religion ". and then killing over 900 people forcing them to drink some poison koolaid.

Christianity is a theocracy. Theocracy is a form or type of government. Is any form or type of government potentially dangerous? Yes. Consider the current oppress of the original indigenous inhabitants of these lands being called Americas since the European invasion of 1492. People who oppose the U.S.A. government and its Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worship governmental terrorism capitalism slavery is in danger of terrorism attacks on their lives, families and businesses as can be seen documentated in Federal court cases Pool vs. Klu klux klan Masonic lodge governmental corruption organization in Amarillo and Wichita Falls TX Federal courts.

Word Level 8 Jan 29, 2022

Stop the world! There’s something dangerous in it!

skado Level 9 Jan 29, 2022

Imo, 2 things, Religion and another that will remain unnamed for now.


Yes, I think Christianity is dangerous. If any of you were ever believers in your lifetime where in your bible do you find anything even remotely like a modern church setup? Does the bible have every head bowed, alter calls and conversion or forgiveness prayers, praying yourself through to god, etc., etc. Does anything in the writings of Paul seem to be what actually happens inside a church today? Like almost anything else in religion as we see it now, people simply made it up.


Christianity is not dangerous. It is Christians that can be extremely dangerous.

Hinduism is not dangerous. It is Hindus that can be extremely dangerous.


Stupid and moronic as well.


Does the Holocaust ring a bell? Or any of another multiple 1,000's of mass murders and genocides across history...


As a Psychologist my answer would be a MOST empathic YES, it is extremely dangerous especially when young children are exposed to it continually.

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