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LINK Christians wage war against Sweet Jesus

I know where I'm getting ice cream when I go to Toronto in October. haha

Crimson67 8 Apr 23

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Our whacky religious knuckleheads here in the US are getting a little nervous about how their Christian privileges are being threatened by our heathen neighbors to the North.

Keep on truckin' Canadia! πŸ™‚


I see violence in their future as they enter this country. The US Evangelical Christian is as militant as Radical Islamist when they feel they are being wronged. I wouldn’t want to work at one of their outlets, that’s for sure.

Yeah, Evangelicals aren't known for their sense of humor. I'm not sure I've ever seen Mike Pence smile, except for those fawning ones he gives his boss. Value-voters, my a$$.


Here's a napkin, you got some Sweet Jesus on your face.


and remember, as one of my exes almost/sorta said: the darker the serve, the sweeter the jesus; so make that Jesus dank and meet those xstians on the field of battle...BRAIN FREEZE SHALT BE THINE SECRETETH WEAPON!


Oh, this is great! I don't eat ice cream anymore but might risk it just to give business to these guys! . Let's open the first one in Mike Pence's hometown!


Damn believers... its pronounced HOSAY! Its got a Spanish twist to


This sounds like a company I wanna buy stock in.


I'm glad they're not in Tennessee, or I'd be one fat sumbich!


Damn I gotta get me some!


Ooh... I want some too. I hope they branch out to CO. At least to Denver.


I doubt I'll see one of their franchises here in SC, but my family would go if we could get through the picket line.

dkp93 Level 7 Apr 23, 2018

I would absolutely patronize that establishment!
I mock christians and their beliefs daily.

@ScienceBiker Open one in South Georgia. People's heads would explode.
I'd work there for free. The entertainment value alone would be payment enough!

@KKGator lololololol


Easter cookies with your sweet Jesus ice cream anyone?


We are stopping by the mall of America in July/August, I hope they open one by then


I'll take a couple gallons.


Amazing how quickly they become much like their Muslim brethren -- except for the violence (for now). Sweet Jesus, I do hope they set up shop somewhere near me. I could use some weight.


β€œSweet Jesus is an honest reflection of our experiences and that of our customers, and how they react when they try our product. In our experience, the majority of people understand that we’re not trying to make a statement about religion.” Let's edit this statement to "the majority of -REASONABLE- people will understand...." Phony Christians are so touchy about their fantasy. Like it is real or something.....


Oh sweet Jesus!

godef Level 7 Apr 23, 2018

Sweet Jesus, that was some good ice cream!

JK666 Level 7 Apr 23, 2018

A maniac in a van just killed at least 9 people in Toronto. Probably he wasn’t a Jesus follower.

The other deadly weapon. Hired a Ryder Van as well? So wondering what this will turn out to be.

Obvious intent.

Awful for the people involved.

That was on the news in the UK.


That's just incredible! Tho it will have a very tough go here. I'd support them!


I almost thought this was something made up by The Onion, but they really exist, see []. I think the Catholic League is only going to bring more attention to the business which I think is funny and original but I'm not sure America needs more junk food.

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