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LINK Whoopi Goldberg Suspended From 'The View' For Two Weeks Following Holocaust Remarks | Fox

FoxNews whooping it up over Whoopi. Meanwhile Fucker Carlson is a card carrying Nazi and they sing his praises. ABC has higher standards? Ya Think?

barjoe 9 Feb 1

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usage alert about race
Genetic evidence has undermined the idea of racial divisions of the human species and rendered race obsolete as a biological system of classification. Race therefore should no longer be considered as an objective category, as the term formerly was in expressions like the Caucasian race, the Asian race, the Hispanic race. Instead, if the reference is to a particular inherited physical trait, as skin color or eye shape, that salient feature should be mentioned specifically: discrimination based on color. Rather than using race to generalize about national or geographic origin, or even religious affiliation, it is better to be specific: South Korean, of Polish descent. References to cultural affiliation may refer to ethnicity or ethnic group: Kurdish ethnicity, Hispanic ethnicity. Though race is no longer considered a viable scientific categorization of humans, it continues to be used by the U.S. Census to refer to current prevalent categories of self-identification that include some physical traits, some historical affiliations, and some national origins: Black, white, American Indian, Chinese, Samoan, etc. The current version of the census also asks whether or not Americans are of Hispanic origin, which is not considered a race. There are times when it is still accurate to talk about race in society. Though race has lost its biological basis, the sociological consequences of historical racial categories persist. For example, it may be appropriate to invoke race to discuss social or historical events shaped by racial categorizations, as slavery, segregation, integration, discrimination, equal employment policy. Often in these cases, the adjective “racial” is more appropriate than the noun “race.” While the scientific foundation for race is now disputed, racial factors in sociological and historical contexts continue to be relevant.


I saw her interviewed with Stephen Colbert to explain what she meant about her comment saying the Holocaust was not about race.

Nazi Germany made the Jews wear a badge to identify that they were Jewish. They did this as you couldn't just visually tell who was Jewish and who wasn't.

She stated that in her opinion, race is about visually seeing someone is different and discriminating against them because of this visual distinction.

While I can see where she is coming from, I also think she made a big mistake on national tv. Temporarily suspending her from the View is not much of a punishment, but Bill Maher will have a field day with this!! He's on the "we are too woke" bandwagon these days, and he has a point.


I am a Jew and tend to dislike Goldberg (as a person. She regularly performs at an ex-employer of mine and she wouldn’t tip anyone but clearly expected to be paid attention to), but I think The Center is wrong about this perceived slight. It was generous of her to apologize so I’ve gotta give her that. She’s not a generous person.

Rich people who don't tip are flat out pieces of shit. Mr Pink was a fictional character.


Gee a group of women sitting around talking about politics, race, religion, etc on TV and one gets suspended for remarks out of the mainstream. No news here.

Out of the mainstream? Trivializing the Holocaust. No big deal to you? Just a bunch of women on TV sitting around talking politics, race, religion.

"You can't call this racism, I think of race as being something that I can see. How can you say it's about race when you're fighting each other? But these are two white groups of people! The minute you turn it into race it goes down this alley. Let’s talk about it for what it is."

@barjoe I just can't get worked up over it. I'm not trying to trivialize it, it just doesn't resonate with me.

@barjoe Nice call. He did what he always does, enflames the gender angle in a discussion where gender is irrelevant. Sad little man.

@LovinLarge yeah because "the view" doesn't ever have any controversy. Better yet it's not about gender even though it's all females and the show is obviously gender driven.. Wouldn't want to point out the obvious. It's the only show where the hosts sit around and chat about whatever and it's all females. The show is consistently in the news for stupid remarks made. That's fact.

@darren316 It's not the only show of that nature and it's not consistently in the news. You don't support your factual allegations with evidence because you can't.

@LovinLarge what other shows have a group of women sitting around talking about current events? I can't think of a show that has men doing that. The View being the only one I know of it's kind. A simple Internet search for "the view tv show controversy" shows tons of links of controversy from this TV show. As a matter of fact the word "drama" comes up over and over again.

@darren316 I hate to be the one to break this to you but you saying shit doesn't constitute evidence.

@LovinLarge I can lead a horse to water but can't force it to drink. HeeHaw!

@darren316 The onus is on you to provide the evidence to support your factual claims. Otherwise your claims are without merit. Didn't quite make the Jr High debate team, did you?

@LovinLarge flattered by the attention and attacks. Makes me smile and speaks volumes.

@darren316 You have no credibility here.


The issue appears to be that the Nazis considered Jewish people to be a lesser race even though, as Whoopi said, being Jewish is not a race. I knew a Jewish atheist once. He said being Jewish is an ethnicity. Whoopi is right, the Holocaust was not about race.

The Roma's may disagree

@puff Their disagreement would only be based in fact if they can prove that being Jewish is a race.

@LovinLarge The Nazis were racists. They believed in a superior race. The Aryan race. The Jews were an inferior race. Racism is not just about black and white.

@barjoe No one said racism is just about black and white, including Whoopi. No one said the Nazis weren't racists, although being Jewish is not and never was a race and I already acknowledged the mistaken Nazi belief about this. Race and ethnicity are not synonymous, in fact the whole issue of whether distinct races even exist is up for debate. The Holocaust was not about race, it was about the genocide of minorities including and primarily the Jewish.



The problem with Liberals is we are hardest on our own. And the dick head Conservatives love it! When it is one of their own they lie, deny, cover and project on to others. And the Democrats, like cats get distracted and don’t screw down on their assholes.

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