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Religions inclusiveness/exclusiveness in eastern vs western religions.

Ancient religions, even early Judaism, were inclusive to neighboring religions to the point that they shared gods. Why has modern western religions become so exclusive to competing philosophies, while many eastern religions maintain a “cafeteria approach” to philosophical questions? Do you disagree with my premise? I need answers or I will be unfulfilled in my life ambition. 😞

Garban 8 Feb 12

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But Wait! First I would need to know, in detail, what this "life ambition" is?

To take over the world by any means necessary, of course.

@Garban everybody should have a hobby.......


I might interject that Islam advocates marrying your enemy. Thusly there are many indigenous throughout the Spanish colonies that remain viable. The Spanish were heavily influenced by Islam via Morocco's access to Spain across the Straits of Gibraltar when Islam was dominant there. So where as the Brits removed people, their heavy influence on America resulted in the Indian Removal Act, & the development in the Boer War of the concentration camp, attributed to the Anglican. Is Islam a western or eastern religion? A meld of both perhaps but much more inclusive in some manner than others in this regards.

Islam is an Abrahamic religion so it could be included as western, however Islam has been east of the Zagros mountains for >1000 years. I consider it a western religion interfacing with the east. Classifying people in this manner is a hacking generalization, but I’m limited by my grasp of the English language.


Is your life ambition to devolve and wallow in bullshit,?

Excellent observation. I’ll consider your view point.


There really isn't much modern about religion

twill Level 7 Feb 13, 2022

Biologically speaking, religion is the most modern development humans have accomplished, with the possible exception of the internet, but that remains to be seen.


I think Western religions are a lot more money hungry and driven by greed than easter religions. I think that has had a great influence on the inclusion/exclusion approach.

A religion based on greed would want exclusive patronage.

Below somebody eluded the competition for material resources. I concur that greed has, and likely, will always be a primary human motivation. I don’t want to put words in your mouth but are you suggesting that there was more competition in the west?

@Garban I am suggesting that western religions would have liked to have a monopoly.

In the U.S. starting in the 19th century, thare was a great deal of competition among con men who posed as religious leaders.


Go fuck your life ambition, you simple minded shit.

I’m sorry you feel this way. As a critical thinker perhaps you should step back and evaluate your feelings. Are they rational? Are they helpful. Do they contribute to the discussion?


I don’t think Western religions have changed so much as the people who inhabit them. Christian scripture still advocates for the stranger.

skado Level 9 Feb 13, 2022

Yes, Christian scripture does. Wouldn’t it be great if they at least practiced that part?

Yes it would. Some do, but many don’t.


No, I think that as a westerner, it is easy to be naive about eastern religion, because all we tend to see is the smiling face of the missionary advancing to greet us. There is a long and whole series of violent conflict between Hindu sects and castes, Hindu and Buddhism, Buddhism and Toa, Shinto and Buddhism, Tao an confucianism and widespread intolerance of many philosophies.

Religion certainly reflects the wider societies within which it finds itself, and so western and Arab religion may reflect western/Arab empires and their aggressive imperial traditions. While the monotheist religions may also reflect the patrician traditions of the nomadic desert tribes who started them. ( In the simple environment of the desert, there are no alternate lifestyles, only the absolute following of the flock and the, usually, man who owns it. ) So that the western monotheist religions may have a slightly deeper darkness than most, but it would be unwise to think they are alone in their evils.


Tribalism. Could even argue that the Internet has only served to increase it.


Some cultures are more inclusive than others because of resource access, social stability, ethnic diversity. When resources become scarce s strife results. social stability degrades, & ethnic strife ensues.
So a balance of population to resource is imperative to social stability. Acquiring more is usually the choice instead of reducing the consumption load. Blame of difficult times tend toward those that are different from the majority. Human nature. Monotheism is the basis of" western" religion" ie Christain, Jehovah's witness, Mormonism, Islam.
What is your life's ambition. Starting your own cult?

Is my conclusion that eastern religions are more inclusive with their neighbors skewed be cause of my western background? I don’t think so. It seems religious conflict is almost an exclusively a western phenomenon. Not implying eastern societies don’t have conflicts.

My own cult, hmmmm. Insert Doctor evil photo here👿 .


Religion and philosophy are tools of religious leaders used to control the faithfools. There is nothing objective from philosophy, it's all subjective coming from the mind.

Control them in what way?

I agree with your what religion conclusion, however the not so much with the philosophy. Philosophical discussion is a exchange of ideas that all parties step back and consider ideas. My purpose in this question was to get ideas of WHY the western religions are so exclusive and the eastern seem to me to be more inclusive. Thanks!

@skado How they think and behave. Christianity uses guilty of sin and fear of hell to control people.

For what purpose?

@skado for control of the followers.

Control for what purpose? Toward what end? Why do they want to control the followers?

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