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So I'm realizing this app is for old #ffffff ppl... Can anyone prove me wrong? 👀

EchelonGrey 4 Feb 14

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You guys, give him a break. He bought the same bill of goods a lot of the rest of us did about this being a dating site.


Really? I’ve noticed an alarming rise in younger person sightings, and have suggested we renew our contract with our pest control company.

Would that be Golden Oldies LLC?

Excellent Answer!!!!!!


But Wait! You ASSume we care!!!


How many vacation days do you get every year?


Nothing wrong with being a fucking old person. With a bit of luck you might even get to that age yourself one day.

I'm happy to be an old fucking person. No one expects anything from me.

Uugh, don't say such mean things to me. 😝


It is mostly +50 years old atheists who aren't looking for dates. I'm one of them.


Nope. Some exceptions, but nope.

puff Level 8 Feb 14, 2022
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